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Gamer gets gun pointed at him by cops after he accidentally dials 911 while playing

Gamer gets gun pointed at him by cops after he accidentally dials 911 while playing

The young gamer was terrified

A gamer ended up with guns being pointed at his head when he accidentally called the police.

Elijah was enjoying a round of Rainbow Six with some pals when things took a very dark turn. Check it out:

In a video that's been posted on social media, the young lad, called Elijah, can be seen stepping out of his house as officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police aim their firearms at him.

They were responding to calls that two people had been murdered at the property following a 911 call.

Understandably pretty terrified by the whole situation, Elijah tries to calm things down, assuring the officers that he 'butt dialled' his phone.

Calling to the police, he says: "I was playing the game and I, erm, butt dialled the phone. That was my bad. No, no, it's only me home."

Elijah says he 'butt dialled' the phone while playing Rainbow Six.

He then slowly walks over to the two cop cars parked on the road opposite his home and speaks with the officers.

Sharing the footage on TikTok, someone claiming to be Elijah's friend said police went on to search his house.

They said they were playing on the Xbox with him when he accidentally phoned the authorities, who could hear their chat.

Two minutes later, armed police were at his front door.

They said: "This is my friend Elijah, he accidentally butt dials 911 while saying, 'I killed two people', on a video game called Rainbow Six Siege.

"I was in Xbox party while this happened they had AR to his head they thought it was a a double homicide, the cops showed up in less then two minutes he noticed his dog barking and he knew he had to walk outside."

They went on: "After this accident he was shaking for four hours while the cops were searching his house."

Elijah tried to explain the situation to police while they pointed guns at him.

"He was frightened for a gun being pointed at him for the first time. The officer asks while detailing Elijah, 'Who’s your favourite operator?'"

Since the clip was posted, it has been viewed over 1.8 million times, with thousands piling into the comments in search for more info.

One dubious user said: "I wanna hear the 911 call, bro. There's no way."

While someone else jumped in to confirm, assuring people: "As a 911 dispatcher, I can confirm this is a thing and happens."

Another joked: "He will never play video games with his phone in his pocket again."

Featured Image Credit: Ring/Reddit

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