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Former NFL player kills mountain lion that was 'wreaking havoc' on local community

Rachel Lang

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Former NFL player kills mountain lion that was 'wreaking havoc' on local community

Featured Image Credit: Derek Wolfe/Instagram. Zuma Press, Inc. / Alamy

Former NFL player Derek Wolfe took on a mountain lion because it was causing havoc on the local community.

To really up the ante, the Super Bowl champion took down the wild cat with a bow and arrow.

The defensive tackle player retold the frankly bonkers story while sharing a picture of the dead mountain lion on social media.


The 32-year-old football champion said he received a call Tuesday about a male mountain lion who attacked and killed two local dogs.

By the time he arrived, the big cat was holed up under a woman's porch.

"Late Tuesday night I got a call from Hunt Nest to see if I wanted to stalk a giant Tom (a male mountain lion) who has been wreaking havoc in a rural neighbourhood," Wolfe said on social media.


The Denver Broncos star revealed he was nervous as to what would happen next.

After finding a deer carcass the massive cat had apparently killed nearby, he said: "We hiked straight up 2500ft and down the other side, then back up again, back down the other side and then back up again to 9600ft."

Despite being 'exhausted, dehydrated, and cramping, the Super Bowl legend then used his bow to strike an arrow through the animal and then dragged the mountain lion back down to his truck.


Wolfe, who is a massive six foot five, carried the wild cat down the mountain while struggling with the weight of the 195lb animal, according to CBS.

Social media blew up with reactions.

One user said: "Damn!! That is definitely a giant cat."

Another added: "I would not want that thing lurking around our home, glad you could help that lady out."


This isn't the first time Wolfe has taken on a wild animal.

Last March the footballer took down a 907 kilogram buffalo with 'two arrows'.

According to Wolfe, killing a buffalo was a 'childhood dream' come true.


Wolfe captioned the photo: "Took two arrows to bring this 900 kilogram beast down. A childhood dream came true for me."

He then proceeded to thank people for 'setting this up for me' and goes on to thank the maker of the 'broadheads', the weapon used to kill the buffalo.

Obviously, people were not at all impressed with Wolfe's actions and comments have been turned off from his Instagram post.

That didn't stop people responding to the news on Twitter, however, with one user writing: 'Why would you do this why what did that beautiful animal do to you WHY I get deer hunting and fishing but why this I’m sick to my stomach'.

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Rachel Lang
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