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Woman charged $1,010 for a single Subway sandwich and is yet to be given solution
Featured Image Credit: WSYX

Woman charged $1,010 for a single Subway sandwich and is yet to be given solution

The customer says she's been left trying to 'make ends meet' after her account went into the negative

An Ohio woman who was charged $1,010 for one Subway sandwich is still waiting for answers more than a month later.

What's your go-to fast food if you're hungry? Maybe some nuggets and a milkshake? Or a satisfying burger? Whatever it is, chances are you're not expecting to spend much more than $10.

That's probably around the price Letitia Bishop, from Columbus, Ohio, had in mind when she stopped at Thorntons gas station on Winchester Pike to grab some food from the Subway there on January 5.

Bishop ordered three subs for herself and her family - but when she checked the receipt, it revealed one of the sandwiches had cost her more than one thousand dollars.

Shocked, the customer quickly returned to the Subway to try and figure out if she could get the extra money back.

Per ABC 6, Bishop commented: "I talked to the Subway person in person, and just was trying to see what was going on, and to see if they can instantly credit me back.

"They told me I had to get hold of Subway [directly]. There’s no phone number that leads to a live person."

Letitia Bishop had been picking up the sandwiches for her family.
ABC6 News

"There’s no way, unless it’s wrapped in gold or from some other place. I would never pay $1,010 for a Subway sandwich,” Bishop added.

Bishop claims to have tried repeatedly to get in touch with Subway with no success, and she didn't have any luck trying to dispute the payment with her bank, either.

She says she's been left feeling hopeless, saying: "I’m just trying to make ends meet at this point. Stressed, overwhelmed - I couldn’t get groceries at one point because my account was negative.”

Lee Anne Lanigan, the director of consumer relations and investigations from the Better Business Bureau, has offered advice to Bishop in the wake of the incident, saying: "Another route is she can use the resources we have here at the Better Business Bureau, our dispute resolution process."

Letitia is still trying to get her money back.
ABC6 News

"She could file a complaint with the Cromwell Connecticut Business Bureau, where Subway is an accredited business, which they pledge to respond to any complaints brought to their attention," Lanigan continued.

"She could [go] to her bank and say, 'Here’s my receipt, and here’s where you gave them a thousand dollars. If you can’t make this right for me I’m willing to file a fraud affidavit."

News of Bishop's expensive trip to Subway comes after another customer was charged more than $7,000 during a visit to the store in Georgia, where she accidentally left a tip using the last six numbers of her phone number.

UNILAD has contacted Subway for comment.

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