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McDonald’s customer sparks debate after claiming his order contained a 'wet rag'

McDonald’s customer sparks debate after claiming his order contained a 'wet rag'

Someone clearly hasn't behaved very well this Christmas.

People are flooding to social media in stitches after a TikToker revealed they allegedly found a 'wet rag' in their McDonald's order.

Turns out McDonald's is replacing Santa this year in Australia, and if you've been naughty instead of nice, you may get a 'wet rag' opposed to coal.

A TikToker has revealed how they ended up unlocking 'a new secret menu item'. Prepare to howl with laughter:

TikTok account Jawbreakers - @jawbreakersdj - took to the platform last week on 14 December to share their latest experience at the fast food chain.

In the video, the TikToker says: "Tell me why I just got a crispy chicken snack wrap, I open the bag and this is what I see.

"A wet rag. It's a wet rag. I'm literally...

"But at the same time, when I felt it, I was like, 'Okay that looks like a chicken wrap if I wasn't really focused'. It's literally a wet rag."

The TikTok video is captioned: "McDonald's gave me a wet rag.... You can't make this up. [...] Unlocked a new secret menu item!! #wetraggate."

A TikToker claims they opened up their McDonald's order to find a wet rag.

And it hasn't taken long for people to flock to the comments in debate over the situation, some accusing the TikToker of making it all up.

A user wrote: "No way this is real."

Another commented: "You definitely CAN make this up."

However, the original poster replied: "...bffr like how am i suppose to steal a mcdonalds branded rag?? Did you think i bought it on Etsy??..."

And others chimed in, arguing it's actually likely the TikToker may very well have found a 'wet rag' in their order.

The TikToker demanded 'free food' from the chain.

"I know this is real cos as someone who worked at McDonald’s in aus we had the exact same ragsss," one said.

A second commented: "There gonna open the actually wrap and see they gave you the rag and laugh I would feel so bad if I did that ahahaha."

A third said: "Sometimes we use the cloths to show trainees how to wrap things… I guess they accidentally sent that up?"

And a fourth resolved: "There’s this joke at maccas where you place a rag in a staff memebers food order. They might have mixed up the bags if you happened to order the same."

A spokesperson for McDonald's told UNILAD: "At McDonald’s, we are committed to giving our customers a great experience every time they visit our restaurants.

"We are disappointed to hear of the customer’s experience and encourage them to contact our customer service team so we can look into it in more detail."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jawbreakersdj

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