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Customers can get free ‘emergency’ pizza from Domino’s
Featured Image Credit: Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images / Ivan-balvan/Getty

Customers can get free ‘emergency’ pizza from Domino’s

The offer allows customers to redeem their free 'Emergency Pizza' with the Domino's rewards programme

Domino's has launched an offer where customers can claim a free 'Emergency Pizza'.

The offer has been marketed as an 'Emergency Pizza' for customers to use whenever they need it most.

Sounds like a good deal to us.

It consists of a free medium two-topping pizza, which you can earn on the company's loyalty scheme, Domino's Rewards.

So yes, that does mean that in order to take advantage of this offer you will need to join Domino's Rewards which gives members more opportunities to collect and redeem points, as well as exclusive access to member-only deals.

Kate Trumbull, Domino's senior vice president - chief brand officer, has explained the thinking behind the new offer.

Customers can request an 'Emergency Pizza' through Domino's Rewards.
Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

She said: "Perhaps you burned dinner, the power went out or maybe your in-laws just dropped in without notice - whatever your emergency situation, Domino's believes a free pizza can make anything better.

"Why did we launch Domino's Emergency Pizza? With so much uncertainty in everyday life, we believe everyone needs a pizza pick-me-up at some point! The hardest part may just be deciding when to use your Emergency Pizza!"

The offer ends on 11 February 2024.
David Zorrakino/Europa Press via Getty Images

But how can you qualify for the offer? Luckily, Domino's has included instructions on exactly how it works.

To begin with, you need to place a delivery order with Domino's online which costs $7.99 or more.

After doing this you should automatically earn the Domino's Emergency Pizza after the order goes through.

In order to claim your free pizza, you will need to sign into Domino's Rewards, or sign up for it if you don't have it, within seven days.

If you go to the 'My Deals and Rewards' page you will be able to redeem the Emergency Pizza within 30 days.

It's worth noting that customers will not be able to redeem their Emergency Pizza on 31 October 2023, 31 December 2023, or 11 February 2024, when the offer ends.

How to claim your 'Emergency Pizza'.
Since being founded in 1960, Domino's has grown into the largest pizza company in the world. In 2022 it had global sales of some $17.5 billion, of which $8.7 billion was in the US and $8.8 billion internationally.

The company has a strong emphasis on technological innovation. This includes the Pinpoint Delivery which was launched in 2023.

Pinpoint Delivery essentially means that you don't need to order your pizza to your address, but to your location, whether that's at the park, a beach, or a baseball field.

You can sign up to Domino's Rewards here.

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