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Waitress gets revenge on dine and dashers after they used fake card trick to pay for their meal
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @yojennyyyy

Waitress gets revenge on dine and dashers after they used fake card trick to pay for their meal

The waitress has hit out at the 'dine and dashers' on her TikTok page.

A server has taken to social media to expose some 'dine and dashers' and people are weighing in.

Let's not deny it, if you grew up playing a bit of good, old-fashioned 'Knockdown Ginger' then it's more than likely the thought will have briefly flitted through your mind about running from a restaurant without paying.

But, that's where the idea has very much always stayed - as a fleeting thought - because we all know it's not morally correct not to pay up and wouldn't have the guts to do it anyway.

However, some people do have the audacity to dine and dash, but one waitress isn't standing for it. Prepare for some sweet sweet revenge:

Taking to her TikTok account, Celebrities Sports Grill server Jenny Gutierrez - who goes by @yojennyyyy on the platform - revealed some customers gave her a 'fake card' and then left before it had time to 'go through'.

"It had no money on it," she explains.

And then, what better way to get revenge then to share CCTV footage of the dine and dashers, who walked into Jenny's workplace at around 5.45pm she says.

The server then zooms in on the suspects, noting they 'seat[ed] themselves' before she reads out their order.

A waitress has hit back at 'dine and dashers'.
TikTok/ @yojennyyyy

The dine and dashers certainly went big and went home, ordering 'avocado, bacon, all the extras,' so much so, their total bill came to a hefty $50.

The server's video then shows the dine and dashers tucking into their tasty meal, with added sound effects for comedic effect, alongside the caption: "Wanted. Dine and dashers."

Oh and slowed down footage of the pair scarpering off soon after finishing their meal and giving Jenny the 'fake card'.

And social media users have a lot to say about it.

The waitress has shared CCTV to TikTok.
TikTok/ @yojennyyyy

One user said: "As a server, CashApp card is immediate red flag."

"The sound effects took me clean out. Out of the restaurant she went," another commented.

A third wrote: "That's terrible! When I work ask at a restaurant I would always ask for ID? If they didn't have it I would not run it because I had to make sure that was the owner to the card."

"I don't understand people," a fourth added.

Jenny added the situation left her feeling 'so stressed' but thankfully her boss was on hand to try and 'calm [her] down' and ultimately didn't make her pay for the table out of her own pocket.

UNILAD has contacted Celebrities Sports Grill and San Bernardino City Police for comment.

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