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Terrifying moment CCTV captures ‘voices’ in empty manor
Featured Image Credit: u/topherphoto/Reddit

Terrifying moment CCTV captures ‘voices’ in empty manor

The sound is almost blood-curdling.

Reddit is known for dealing its fair share of creepy, unexplained clips, but this particular one has users absolutely shook.

A clip shared on the Reddit thread r/ghosts has given users of the platform goosebumps, appearing to show ghostly voices captured in a haunted house.

You can watch below if you're brave enough:

The footage was recorded in Edinburgh Manor, Iowa - which many believe to be haunted.

The property was originally used as a 'poor farm', where elderly, destitute, mentally ill and disabled people were offered meals and lodgings in exchange for labor on a nearby farm.

Over time the property transitioned to a residential care home for people with physical and intellectual disabilities or who suffered from mental illness.

The last residents left in 2010. According to the house's website, there have been over 230 documented deaths in the building, which now operates as a venue for ghost hunting tours.

Ghosts said to reside in the property - according to paranormal website The Little House of Horrors - include a tall man in a cowboy hat and a long duster coat, who shares the basement with a spectre known as The Joker, known for his crazy smile and propensity for chucking dishes on the floor.

The creepy recording has left viewers perplexed.

The first floor is apparently home to a playful girl names Susie, while the second floor is plagued by a ghost who likes to grab people's toes.

If this all sounds a bit far-fetched, the footage above may convince you that something spooky is going on in Edinburgh Manor.

The Reddit user captioned the clip: "I have investigated the manor several times. This particular video we caught voices."

The sounds on the recording sound like a woman screaming. It's a piercing, blood-curdling sound, which is enough to send shivers down your spine.

Users on the subreddit immediately flooded to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One person responded: "Can confirm this place is haunted! I was here a few years ago to do an investigation overnight."

They added that they'd heard footsteps shuffling and even caught an 'old man' on camera.

Not everyone is convinced the sound came from another entity. Credit topherphoto/Reddit
Not everyone is convinced the sound came from another entity. Credit topherphoto/Reddit

However, some people think they have debunked the ghost theory, saying that the frequency for the sound was likely that of a wild animal looking around the property for scraps of food.

"This is 100 percent just an animal and more nonsense from the ghost hunting community pretending to apply science to a very obvious and mundane explanation," says one unconvinced user.

"Going to have to second this. The statements of nothing physical having those readings is wildly inaccurate. It’s a wild animal," added another

What do you think? Ghost or creature?

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