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People baffled by video of customers reacting to credit cards being accepted at Burger King in 1993

People baffled by video of customers reacting to credit cards being accepted at Burger King in 1993

A video from 1993 has resurfaced which highlights Burger King beginning to take credit card payments

Social media users have lost their minds after a news piece from the '90s advertising Burger King taking credit card payments has gone viral.

Despite Americans being able to flash their cash via credit card since the 1950s, this method of payment only truly became popular in the 1980s and beyond.

Interestingly, a 1993 clip of people discovering Burger King had started accepting credit for the first time has recently gone viral - and viewers cannot believe that paying via card was once a novelty.

You can watch the video below:

The video, which has recently been reshared to both Instagram and YouTube, opens with a cashier asking a customer how they want their BK order.

After umming and ahing, another employee asks the man if he wants to pay ‘cash or credit’, which receives an exasperated reaction.

A voiceover then states: “The home of The Whopper is offering cash or credit.”

In the clip, various customers are then interviewed regarding their thoughts on using a credit card to purchase fast food.

Social media users have reacted to the resurfaced video featuring interviews regarding credit cards.
Boson TV (Technical innovation and cool stuff)/YouTube

One said: “If I use my GM card I get a 5 per cent rebate, if I eat here long enough, I will be able to buy a pick-up truck.”

Elsewhere in the video, another customer aired their concern that paying via card could ‘slow things down’.

“It’s just another way to spend money. I’m sure it will work for people on vacation when they don't have to do something,” said another interviewee.

30 years later, the newscast has resurfaced and social media users have been having their say on the Burger King customers’ opinions.

One viewer said people in the '90s were 'kinder' than those in 2023.
Boson TV (Technical innovation and cool stuff)/YouTube

One user wrote: “The most American video I've seen in a while.”

“We were a simpler, kinder people then,” said a second.

Another user commented: “2023 (sic) people’s cards decline buying something for 2 dollars nowadays.”

Elsewhere, a YouTube user speculated on whether credit cards were a help or a hindrance to society.

They said: “Credit cards are a great tool for people who are smart and pay off their purchases right away. Fantastic way to earn free money on everyday purchases.

“But they are dangerous for some. Those who charge everything under the sun and freak out when the bill comes and can’t afford to pay it, blaming the greedy bank for charging them so much interest, are the ones who kill themselves financially."

Featured Image Credit: Boson TV (Technical innovation and cool stuff)/YouTube

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