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Woman who got 'addicted' to one food after moving to new country has everyone saying the same gross thing
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@skzzolno

Woman who got 'addicted' to one food after moving to new country has everyone saying the same gross thing

People were all saying the same thing when she revealed that she had become very fond of one food in particular after moving country

A woman has shared that she became 'addicted' to one kind of food after moving abroad, and now people are all saying the same thing.

There are plenty of delicious vegetables out there to try, and frankly many of them are highly underrated.

Gone are the days when you'd be presented with carrots and cabbage which had been boiled so soft that they collapsed at the merest glancing blow of a fork.

I'll be taking my cabbage al dente please, preferably with crispy bacon bits and a ton of butter. Don't @ me, it still counts as eating vegetables!

But one woman has shared her new found fondness for a root vegetable, and people have immediately piled in to say the same slightly gross thing.

Having plenty of fibre in one's diet is an important part of maintaining a healthy gut.

Living off a diet of red meat may result in becoming a little, shall we say, backed up.

But this particular vegetable has left viewers of the video with a whole different set of faecal concerns.

That's because TikToker Sammy shared that after moving to Australia she'd developed a fondness for beetroot, or beets.

Sammy shared that she just loves beetroot.
TikTok / skzzolno

She said: "I can't stop eating it. I literally went on a 10 day backpacking trip to New Zealand and like all I was thinking about the entire time I didn't have one singular other thought. Other than beets.

"I can't do anything without beets. Every morning I wake up and I eat beets and I would never want to eat anything differently.

"Like yesterday for dinner all I had was a beet salad. Today for breakfast all I had was a beet in yoghurt.

"Now I'm making lunch and I'm putting beats on a bagel. I can't stop eating f**king beets."

If you've ever indulged in large amounts of beetroot in one go, then you can probably already see where this is going.

She just loves beetroot.
TikTok / skzzolno

Beetroot has a very strong pigment, to the point that if you pickle it or boil it then it will even turn the liquid it's in that particular shade of purple that would absolutely pop as a lipstick.

Except of course, that means that *everything* it's in turns that colour, including when it comes out the other end.

Taking to the comments, people highlighted this.

One wrote: "I thought i had bowel and bladder cancer after i realised i had eaten 10 beets."

Another replied that they 'had a heart attack looking in the toilet bowl' after believing that something was seriously wrong.

But worry not, beetroot is very good for you!

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