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You Can Now Buy A Flying Car That Can Hit 63mph

You Can Now Buy A Flying Car That Can Hit 63mph

The Jetson ONE can reach a top speed of 63mph and offers 20-minute flight times for pilots

If you've ever dreamed of owning a flying car - á la Blade Runner, then get your seatbelts at the ready because that dream can be your reality.

Swedish company Jetson have produced the Jetson ONE, named after the 1960s futuristic American cartoon series The Jetsons, for a cool $92,000 (£68,000).

The flying car can reach speeds of up to 63mph thanks to its eight electric motors and has a range of around 20 miles.

The vehicle can take off and land vertically. It also offers 20-minute flight times for pilots weighing up to 210 pounds (95kg) – which is enough time to get you to the supermarket and back.

The car, which has been described as a ‘flying sports car’, can be controlled with a three-axis joystick, and there's a throttle lever to adjust power.

The Jetson One can fly for 20-minutes (

Interestingly, the manufacturer has taken inspiration from race car technology and used the same technology for the ONE’s chassis.

Also, there’s no need to fear about dropping out of the sky as Jetson have assured customers that the vehicle will be able to fly even if it loses an engine. Phew.

When it comes to safety, there is an emergency function that takes control of the aircraft, a LiDAR sensor capable of tracking the terrain to avoid obstacles, and a parachute with a rapid deployment system.

The car, which weighs 190lbs (86kg), first went on sale in October 2021 it proved so popular that it sold out almost immediately for delivery in 2022 and now the company is taking orders for 2023.

If you're interested, you can reserve one online with a deposit of $22,000 (£17,000) – no one ever said the future was cheap. You’ll also have to get your hands a little dirty as the ONE is shipped partially assembled so requires you to complete the build at home.

The flying car is available for purchase for a cool $92,000 (£66,000)
The flying car is available for purchase for a cool $92,000 (£66,000)

However, the vehicle is still subject to flying restrictions which vary from country to country.

At the moment, it is only for open land, but Jetson founders Peter Ternström and Tomasz Patan are confident this will change as people open their minds to travel by flight, and not by road.

The company’s bosses hope to see 15 percent of all wheeled transport to be moved to the air by 2035 — and 50 percent by 2050.

Here’s to driving and flying high in the not too distant future.

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Featured Image Credit: Jetson/Youtube/Warner Bros

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