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Mail carrier killed after being attacked by five dogs

Mail carrier killed after being attacked by five dogs

The Florida mail carrier was mauled to death by the five dogs

A mail carrier was tragically mauled to death by five dogs after her truck broke down on a road in Florida.

Neighbours could hear the screams of 61-year-old Pamela Rock as she was being attacked, sheriff's office spokesperson Colonel Joseph Wells said.

She was attacked while on her route in Putnam County, Florida on Sunday afternoon (21 August).

Police were sent to the scene of the animal attack in the lake estates area to find Rock lying on the ground bleeding.

"Our deputies arrived approximately eight minutes later and observed the victim who was still in the street with heavy trauma at that time," Wells said.

Facebook / Pamela Rock

He added: "Our deputies provided first aid care to the victim and to include the application of three tourniquets and other measures they could to control bleeding until the victim could be transported by rescue.

"The lady was transported by rescue, Putnam County Emergency Services to Putnam Community Medical Center."

On her way to the medical centre, Rock went into cardiac arrest.

Paramedics were able to revive her and continue the trip to Putnam Community Medical Center.

Rock was later transferred to Shan's UF Trauma Center in Gainesville, where she died.

The animals are now said to be secure with Putnam County Animal Control and they will be euthanised, Wells said.

He continued: "We are working closely with animal control to time the euthanization of the animals to where we can gather additional physical evidence from the animals but they will be euthanized."

It remains unclear if the owner will be criminally investigated.

Sheriff HD DeLoach said in a news release: "Our hearts are with the victim and her family as they navigate through this tragic event.

“It is imperative that dog owners take responsibility in keeping their animals in a secured location for their safety and those around."

Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

A US Postal Service statement said: “A postal family member lost her life in a dog bite attack.

"The U.S. Postal Service is deeply saddened at the loss of our employee.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and her co-workers at this time."

Police said that the investigation is ongoing.

UNILAD have contacted Putnam County Sheriff's Department for additional comment.

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Featured Image Credit: Pamela Rock/Facebook/Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

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