Flat-earther believes $52 million is spent every day on Photoshop, paintings and CGI to keep up the lie

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Flat-earther believes $52 million is spent every day on Photoshop, paintings and CGI to keep up the lie

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A flat-earther has said that $52 million a year is spent convincing people the earth is round.

During a very heated debate currently making the rounds on social media, Kiwi comedian Guy Williams asks a flat-earther what she thinks about NASA releasing images that prove the earth is a sphere.

The woman responds: “They’ve got nothing else but Photoshop and CGI and paintings.”

The host then asks the seemingly frustrated woman: "Am I doing a bad job in the interview by saying everything you don’t want to hear?”

She replies: “No, stop overthinking it.”

Ah, yes, what these flat-earthers are too often guilty of.

However, before Williams can ask where her sheer conviction comes from, the woman interrupts: “We’ve got the evidence and the proof and everything.”

But the host quickly retorts that the so-called ‘other side’ also claims they have all the evidence.

However, the NASA troll wasn’t done yet.

She says: “We’re challenging them to find the curve!”

The host responds: “They’re challenging you to find the flat.”

She continues: “This doesn’t make sense, it's not right that people are being lied to and deceived just because they’re evil and rich.”

The host proceeds to ask the woman who exactly is deceiving us, and, as you guessed it, we still don’t know who ‘they’ are.

In an even more bizarre claim, the woman believes 'these liars' are given loads of cash to keep up the charade that the earth is round. Oh, baby.

Flat Earther (Alamy)
Flat Earther (Alamy)

“See you’ve got to realise, $52 million a day is being given to these liars for Photoshop, paintings and CGI while there’s children starving in Africa,” she says.

Of course, the comment section was red hot, as one person wrote: “Clever people use background knowledge to back up their claims. Stupid people use their stubbornness to ignore what they're being told.”

Another said: “Her brain is photoshopped.”

While a third said: “She can not find Africa on a map, even if it says Africa on it.”

Ah, in the words of the great Mark Twain: "Never argue with stupid people; they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."

Flat-earthers have regularly claimed evidence from outer space showing the earth is round is faked.

Whether they say it's the work of Photoshop or another type of technological trickery, they aren't buying it.

It's safe to say though, they haven't produced a shred of evidence of their flat earth that has been peer-reviewed and supported.

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Charisa Bossinakis

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