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Five dead and dozens injured after gunman opens fire on LGBTQ+ nightclub in the US

Five dead and dozens injured after gunman opens fire on LGBTQ+ nightclub in the US

Two patrons are being hailed as heroes for stopping the gunman as he launched his rampage.

Five people have died and a further 25 have been injured after a man armed with a rifle opened fire in a packed gay bar in Colorado Springs.

A man was arrested on the scene shortly after attacking bar-goers with a hunting rifle.

He was taken into police custody shortly after opening fire and is being treated for his injuries, police report.

Two weapons were found inside LGBTIQ+ bar Club Q, Colorado Springs Police Department Chief Adrian Vasquez said in a Sunday (November 20) news conference.

"Club Q is a safe haven for our LGBTQ citizens," he told reporters.

"I'm so terribly saddened and heartbroken."

Police also revealed that two bar patrons took down the man when he opened fire on crowds, preventing him from killing and injuring more people.

A man is now in police custody over his suspected involvement in the deadly attack.


Authorities are yet to establish a motive for the attack, but are investigating as to whether the gun attack is a hate crime.

Reports indicate that the gunman entered the bar as it was hosting a drag show and immediately began shooting.

The nightclub released a brief statement on social media in wake of the tragic killings.

"Club Q is devastated by the senseless attack on our community," they said on social media.

"Our prayers and thoughts are with all the victims and their families and friends."

They added: "We thank the quick reactions of heroic customers that subdued the gunman and ended this hate."

Police arrived on the scene as the clock struck midnight, meaning their first hours of the Transgender Day of Remembrance - a day set to memorialise those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia - was spent at the gay bar shooting.

It is not known if the date played any significance in the shooting.

Joshua Thurman told reporters on Sunday that he was dancing in the club when he first heard the sound of gunshots.

He hid in a dressing room, locking himself inside with other bar-goers as he prayed for his life and others.

"It's supposed to be our safe place. A community shouldn't have to go through something like this for us to come together," Thurman said, as per Reuters.

He added that one of his friends was killed in the shooting.

"We must drive out the inequities that contribute to violence against LGBTQI+ people," U.S. President Joe Biden said in a statement.

"We cannot and must not tolerate hate."

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