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FBI interviews Leonardo DiCaprio about his relationship with fugitive fraudster Jho Low

FBI interviews Leonardo DiCaprio about his relationship with fugitive fraudster Jho Low

The pair were friends until Low failed to help DiCaprio's environmental fundraiser.

Leonardo DiCaprio might be used to hitting the headlines because of his slew of 25-and-under girlfriends, but now he's hitting them for a different reason entirely - and that's his relationship with fugitive fraudster Jho Low.

The Titanic star, 48, was reported grilled by the FBI over his alleged relationship with the Malaysian criminal, who helped finance his hit film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Low has been on the run for almost eight years after a warrant was issued for his arrest back in 2016 due to his involvement in 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

He was the brains behind the sovereign wealth fund scheme that ultimately saw the former Malaysian prime minister, Najib Razak, arrested for money laundering.

DiCaprio was allegedly good friends with the fraudster.
Alamy / Mickael Chavet / Project Daybreak

Earlier this week, Bloomberg revealed previously undisclosed details from FBI documents, which disclosed how in a bid to track Low down, they decided to speak to DiCaprio in 2018 after learning that he had a number of dealings with the criminal after they met at a nightclub in 2010.

The pair allegedly became good friends as a result and even had pet names for each other - with the fraudster calling DiCaprio 'Ldogg' and DiCaprio referring to him as 'my man'.

DiCaprio said, according to a report in THR: "I was working for him, and that business also translates into being social. And so, we saw each other more, and there was more interaction."

Jho Low allegedly helped fund The Wolf of Wall Street.
WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

But while the pair were good friends at a time, apparently their relationship soured when Low failed on his promise to donate a Roy Lichtenstein piece to DiCaprio's environmental fundraiser in 2015.

As part of the FBI's investigation into Low via DiCaprio, they confiscated a number of gifts that the fraudster gave to the actor including a first-edition copy of The Great Gatsby.

Apparently, the actor told the FBI that he didn't know where Low's wealth came from and the deals he was involved in were arranged with his team before he knew about them.

While a background check was carried out on Low, presumably just as the deals were about to take place, DiCaprio admitted that he didn't read its contents in full.

DiCaprio admitted that he didn't know where Low's money came from.
Alamy / PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive

Perhaps mercifully for DiCaprio, he wasn't the only A-lister the FBI connected with the fraudster as he also had dealings with Kim Kardashian, according to Bloomberg's report.

She was reportedly offered a Basquiat artwork by Low, something she admitted to authorities.

However, it is worth noting that neither Kardashian or DiCaprio were questioned in relation to them personally being suspected of any wrongdoing.

UNILAD has reached out a representative for Leonardo DiCaprio for further comment.

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