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Father Faces Charges For Attacking Man Who Killed Son In Court

Father Faces Charges For Attacking Man Who Killed Son In Court

A grieving father was arrested last week after attacking the man who killed his son in court

A grieving father was arrested last week after attacking the man who killed his son in court.

Willie Fields from South Carolina will appear before a judge next week to face charges of contempt of court and third-degree assault and battery after lunging at 22-year-old Lindy Lamond Jones, who pleaded guilty to murdering Fields’ teenage son three years ago.

Jones admitted to shooting Fields’ 18-year-old son Willie once in the head and three times in the back in 2019. Watch the altercation below:

Surveillance video footage captured during a hearing at the Orangeburg County courtroom last week showed Fields punching Jones from behind before tackling him to the floor.

The incident occurred while family members were addressing the court.

Officers pulled the men apart and arrested Fields. He was taken to the Orangeburg County Jail, but a sheriff's office incident report revealed Fields was later released on bond.

Jones decided not to pursue charges and Fields has since apologised for his actions. 

Fields’ lawyer, attorney Justin Bamberg, said in a statement released on the bereaved dad’s behalf that his client was seeking ‘prayers and support’ and apologised for the incident. 

Bamberg said: “[Fields’ family is] extremely apologetic for his outburst, and he is asking for prayers and support during this difficult time in their lives."

He added: "No father should have to bury his innocent son. Mr. Fields is not a criminal. He is a victim of senseless violence that occurs far too often in our communities.

The incident took place at the Orangeburg County Courthouse in South Carolina.

“I don’t expect everyone to understand how it must feel to sit there reliving the moment you first found out your son had been murdered for absolutely no reason.”

UNILAD has approached the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office for comment. 

On Monday (25 July), the Orangeburg Times and Democrat reported that a judge sentenced Jones to 35 years behind bars for the murder of Fields’ son.

Jones - now 22 - was just 19 when he shot and killed Fields, and told the court: “I just want to apologise to everybody today and everybody who came.

“If I could go back and change my decision, I would, but as a man, I understand. That’s it.”

During Jones’ hearing, Fields' mother Angela told the court: “They took away just everything from us.

“Losing our son about three years ago, what it has done to me and my family. They took away our only child. They took away all his hopes and all his dreams. They took away all the hopes and dreams we had for him.”

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Featured Image Credit: Orangeburg Courthouse

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