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Strange dragon bone-looking rocks spotted on Mars by NASA's Curiosity rover

Strange dragon bone-looking rocks spotted on Mars by NASA's Curiosity rover

Could dragons once have strode upon the surface of Mars? Probably not.

NASA's Curiosity rover has spotted some rocks on the surface of Mars which look suspiciously like the remains of a dead dragon, but that's preposterous isn't it?

All over the world there are legends about dragons, mythical creatures of fantasy which fly, breathe fire and are just generally a life-threatening nuisance for whatever happens to be living nearby at the time.

Depictions of these dragons vary depending on which part of the world you're in, but it's pretty weird that multiple cultures came up with pretty much the same thing independent of one-another.

Or perhaps dragons really did exist and they just flew off to another planet, only for us to spot their bones amidst the dust and redness of Mars thousands of years later.

Ok, that sounds pretty ridiculous but the Curiosity rover trundling across the surface of Mars has spotted some rocks, which people are convinced are actually dinosaur bones.

This Martian rock formation looks rather like a dragon lying dormant in the dusts of the red planet.

With the rock appearing to show a snake-like body and some kind of spines coming out of the back, some people have taken it as a sign that this really is a dragon.

While that would be pretty cool, it seems as though it's quite an odd idea. After all, if dragons really did exist and we saw them here on Earth, they'd have to flap quite at long way through space to actually make it to Mars.

For starters the red planet is over 150 million miles away, and that's an awful lot of distance to cover with nothing besides a potential brief pitstop on the Moon to consider.

Sadly, anyone hoping that this was the proof we've been looking for all these years that dragons were actually real is set to be disappointed, as experts have indicated that they know exactly what this really is.

First off, these 'dragon bones' are actually just rocks, as astrobiologist Nathalie A. Cabrol explained 'the most bizarre rock' she had ever seen really was just a rock.

Yeah, these dragon bones are probably just a suspicious looking rock.

It only looks that way due to 'remains of ripples after lots of erosion', which while truly stunning does indicate that it's not actually dragons.

It's probably a good thing that there aren't dragons living on Mars because things could get a bit crowded with NASA's plans to land humans on the red planet.

Just throwing it out there, 'humans land on Mars and discover dragons secretly live there' - sounds like a pretty good idea for a movie pitch.

Besides, who needs to worry about potential dragon bone sightings when astronomers believe the chances of us meeting actual aliens is on the rise and we should make first contact within 20 years.

Featured Image Credit: NASA

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