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Donald Trump releases statement after becoming first ex-US President to be charged with a crime

Donald Trump releases statement after becoming first ex-US President to be charged with a crime

He took to Truth Social to hit out at his indictment, which he spent incorrectly.

Donald Trump has become the first-ever current or former US President to face a criminal charge.

The full details of the case against him are yet to be released, but what we do know so far is that a grand jury has elected to charge him after USD$130,000 of hush money was paid out to porn star Stormy Daniels about an alleged affair between her and Trump.

Trump, of course, is vehemently denying he's done anything wrong.

He even took to his own Truth Social to lash out at the grand jury's decision after it was revealed he would be charged.

In his typical long-winded style, Trump posted: "These thugs and radical left monsters have just indicated (sic) the 45th president of the United States of America and the leading Republican candidate."

We can only assume he meant 'indicted' not indicated.

Anyway Trump continued: "By far the 2024 nomination for President is an attack on our country. The likes of which is never been seen before.

"It is likewise a continuing attack on our once free and for elections. The USA is now a third world, nation, and nation in serious decline."

The former US President topped off his post with: "So sad!"

But, regardless of what the first-ever President to be criminally charged in US history claims, Manhattan Attorney Alvin Bragg told the BBC authorities are now working with Trump's lawyers to 'coordinate his surrender' on the currently unspecified charges he now faces.

Trump is expected to travel from Florida to New York on Monday with an arraignment in court on Tuesday, CBS News reports..

The charges in Trump's indictment will be read to him at the hearing, which should last about 15 minutes.

President-elect Trump in 2016.
ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy

As per the BBC, Trump released an official statement to the press.

He called the New York state prosecutor a 'disgrace' while also accusing him of doing 'Biden's dirty work'.

"The Democrats have lied, cheated and stolen in their obsession with trying to 'Get Trump', but now they've done the unthinkable - indicting a completely innocent person in an act of blatant Election Interference," Trump said.

Prosecutor Bragg, however, has denied having any sort of vendetta against the former US President.

"We evaluate cases in our jurisdiction based on the facts, the law, and the evidence," the Democratic District Attorney said.

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