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Doctor Shares What It's Like To Visit The Doctor As A Patient

Doctor Shares What It's Like To Visit The Doctor As A Patient

A doctor on TikTok has shared what it's like to visit the doctor's office as a patient and it's pretty insightful

A doctor on TikTok has shared his thoughts on what it's like being a patient when you're also a doctor, after being prompted by Reddit users.

It's no secret that medical school is a long, intense process. So, when most doctors qualify they've got a pretty good bank of knowledge to draw on when they get sick.

Understandably, this causes some confusion about when to head to the doctor's office, how much input to give, and whether or not there will be a Yu-Gi-Oh!-style battle of wills.

Well, as a fellow practitioner, Dr Ryan shed some light on the topic.

The popular doctor and content creator has 1.2 million followers on TikTok, often answering commonly asked questions.

His recent video was no different, as Ryan explains the strange experience of going to the doctor's as, well, a doctor.

The clip kicks off with a question from a Reddit user, who asks: "Doctors of Reddit, what's it like when you go in for a doctor's appointment? Do you and your doctor discuss what's wrong with you like it's a group project? Do you not go at all because you're your own doctor?"

That sounds like the most stressful group project ever, so we're hoping it's not actually like that.

Doctor Ryan responded by reading other doctors' answers on Reddit and adding his own thoughts. One doctor said: "It is a bit dependent on the field of medicine involved. For example, I don't know much about neurological issues so if I went to see a neurologist I certainly wouldn't be chipping in."

So, sorting your own brain surgery is off the table, but as the Reddit doctor adds: "For more generic conditions I have previously offered my thoughts," but would obviously listen to the doctor, especially if they need to order further tests.

A doctor's input on their treatment tends to vary between situations.
A doctor explains what it's really like being a patient.

Dr Ryan agreed with this sentiment, saying there are two scenarios for him when he goes to the doctor's office.

"First scenario is, if I'm seeing a psychiatrist, which I did in medical school, I let them take over. I want them to be able to have an outside perspective on my life and tell me things I'm not fully aware of."

The second, however, is if the doctor is 'having a physical problem, like a rash for example'.

Here, Ryan says he would outline his issues, add what he thinks the next steps are, and let the doctor 'chime in' with their opinion.

"Typically, they'll either agree, or they'll add in stuff."

So, there you have it. While there's no battle of the doctors, fellow practitioners seem happy to take a joint approach for general issues.

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Featured Image Credit: @doctor.ryan/TikTok

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