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Diver's Horror As 'Nightmare' Shark-Eating Fish Appears Out Of Depths

Diver's Horror As 'Nightmare' Shark-Eating Fish Appears Out Of Depths

The terrifying clip has sent viewers' 'thalassophobia' into 'overdrive'

A diver was out spearfishing when a huge creature emerged from the depths to steal his catch.

When I was younger, I'd happily jump into the sea without any hesitation. As I've grown older, I've slowly suffered more and more from thalassophobia – a fear of vast, open bodies of water.

To the people who tell me it's an irrational fear, like being scared of a tiny spider in the corner of your room (also guilty), I raise you this: how can you not be terrified of such a large portion of the planet, one we've barely even seen? According to the National Ocean Service, more than 80 percent of our ocean is unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored.

Also, there's videos like this from Samuel Wardner (@blackpointoutdoor), a spearfisher who had a brief, no-less terrifying run-in with a massive 'shark-eating' creature.

In a TikTok that has since racked up more than 4.6 million views, Samuel can be seen swimming through a shoal of fish, just like any other day.

After successfully catching one, he makes his way to the surface, before another creature emerges and steals his fish.

Samuel's screaming reaction can be heard underwater as he frantically grabs his line. When he comes to the surface, he calls to those on his boat to come over to him quickly. Fortunately, he wasn't harmed, and the bigger fish retreated to the deep.

The 'grouper' emerged from the deep.

The video's text reads: "There's always a bigger fish," alongside the caption: "I thought he was gonna spool me lol."

The TikTok has amassed more than 8.6 million views and thousands of comments, with one writing: "And that’s why I say NOPE to the deep open blue."

Another wrote: "Reason number 103,847,393 of why I’m afraid of the ocean." A third commented: "Would be so spooked to get the line wrapped around something and get pulled deep."

Fortunately, the diver wasn't pulled down with the fish.

Viewers believe the fish was an Atlantic goliath grouper, the largest grouper in the western Atlantic. One user wrote: "Dude you just caught one of the biggest fish ever they're known as goliath groupers and their mouths open 3x their body meaning they eat sharks."

Another wrote: 'Goliath goes crazy bro." A third commented: "Goliath groupers are things of nightmares."

A fourth commented: "Whole school of jacks, bro spears one and a Goliath grouper comes and eat his one. So unlucky." Another wrote: "This just sent my thalassophobia into overdrive thanks."

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Featured Image Credit: @blackpointoutdoor/TikTok

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