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Diver finds iPhone in ocean which miraculously still works and returns it to owner

Diver finds iPhone in ocean which miraculously still works and returns it to owner

The diver was totally stunned to find the phone in perfect working condition

One diver found an iPhone in the middle of the ocean which miraculously still worked and has since returned it to its owner.

Alex Schulze was on a dive in the Boca Raton Inlet, South Florida, when he made the incredible discovery.

Alex, the co founder and CEO of 4ocean - an ocean cleanup company - was looking for trash when he happened upon the expensive piece of tech safely preserved in a clear waterproof case simply lying on the sand. Check it out:

Speaking in an interview with WKMG News 6 ClickOrlando, the man explained he was 'just cleaning up Lake boca' when he found the working iPhone.

Describing the area, he said: "It's like a sandbar [where] a lot of people go on the weekends and they'll hang out and grill and have a good time there."

Alex revealed he 'found a bunch of stuff', before adding: "I always find all sorts of debris; sunglasses, beer cans, you know a lot, a lot of trash, along those lines."

However, it's clear that happening upon a fully-working Apple phone is clearly not as common an occurrence.

The iPhone was remarkably intact when Alex found it.

"I've found iPhones in the past but most of the time, they're basically all locked up or the salt water has just kind of destroyed them," he went on.

Alex continued: "But this one was in a waterproof case."

"It appeared to be in great condition, I brought it back to our office where I was able to charge it and then looked at the emergency contacts on the lock screen and, lo and behold, there was a contact [that] said 'mom'."

The CEO then rang the contact and the woman who answered said: "Oh my god, I can't believe you found my son's phone.

"He lost it, you know, a few days ago."

She then made her way to the 4ocean office where Alex was able to return it.

The waterproof case protected the phone for 'days' on the ocean floor.

"It was amazing," he concluded.

And now for the question we're all wondering - what is the name of the case?

Well, sorry to burst your bubble but Alex unfortunately didn't know.

He did, however, describe it for any swimmers out there who fancy a phone call while they're doing a backstroke.

"It was a waterproof case that I think they got off of Amazon," he said.

Alex added: "It was one of those traditional ones with the plastic closure that you pull in and snap shut.

"It was a great ad for the cell phone case company - I can tell you that."

It sure is.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/4ocean

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