Disney World has its own jail where people are sent for causing trouble

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Disney World has its own jail where people are sent for causing trouble

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A former employee has shared their experience of Disney jail and it's not at all what we expected.

That's right, the happiest place on earth has a jail that sits 'just above the buildings on Main Street' according to one former worker.

The TikToker, Johnathan, says he was taken to Disney jail after management had reached 'their boiling point' with his shenanigans.

Listen to him talk about his eventful last shift here:


Look, we understand that it can be easy to get bored at work, and sometimes you've got to find ways to entertain yourself.

Making inappropriate jokes at a kid's theme park, though, is a pretty surefire way to get yourself fired.

As Johnathan (@sweatyoracle) claimed, his behaviour landed him straight in Disney prison: "Okay, I have been to Disney jail, I can confirm this."

The TikToker spent some time in Disney jail. Credit: @sweatyoracle/TikTok
The TikToker spent some time in Disney jail. Credit: @sweatyoracle/TikTok

His offences included: "On my Jungle Cruise I was saying things like up ahead are the lions and don't worry about that zebra, that Zebra is just demonstrating the favourite position of my girlfriend. You lie back and get eaten."

And he didn't just stop at the animal kingdom, because Johnathan also had some pretty controversial comments about one of the founding fathers: "And then one time at the Hall of Presidents. I said a woman asked me why the ride was the way the attraction wasn't working and I leaned in really close and I was like Ma'am, you have to understand Mr. Lincoln is very nervous about going into a theatre after what happened last time." 

All this meant that Disney management was supposedly 'going to fire' the worker, so he decided to have some fun on his last day - by running around the park 'geotagging' his location so management would have to come to find him.

He even went to Epcot on his way out. Credit: @sweatyoracle/TikTok
He even went to Epcot on his way out. Credit: @sweatyoracle/TikTok

Eventually, his 'least favourite' manager came in (on her day off) to get him and took him to Disney jail.

There, Johnathan alleges that he was questioned about his inappropriate comments: "So we get backstage and we get to Disney jail. And there's a security officer, not a police officer and security officer and she has printed out all these Facebook posts where I have gleefully admitted all the crazy things I've said."

They then start going through the posts, one by one and Johnathan admits to everything saying: "I absolutely did that. I loved doing that. That's the funniest thing I ever did."

He was then asked to give his ID and key cards back and told to leave the park, but he instead decided to go to Epcot on his way out.

It's safe to say that going to Disney jail isn't exactly how you'd want to spend your last day at work.

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