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Delivery driver picks up $900 order but people are divided if the tip was worth it
Featured Image Credit: @nasiathemua/TikTok

Delivery driver picks up $900 order but people are divided if the tip was worth it

Her car was bursting at the seams with the mammoth order

Tipping culture is a huge part of modern life, especially if you live in the US, but one delivery driver's tip after a $900 order has left people divided.

The DoorDash driver shared news of the whopping lift on TikTok on 16 February, posting a video of their car bursting at the seams with food.

The driver, Nasia Eastt, wrote over the clip: "Ain't no way we was missing out on this order, car scraping the road and we goin 15 mph [sic]."

In the clip itself, she said: "When you're a DoorDasher and you have to pull a $900 order in your Nissan Altima."

After all the effort it took to transport the massive haul, she then shared the tip she received from the customer - $86.09.

And it was this tip which left viewers on TikTok completely divided.

While some viewers praised Nasia for her hustle, including DoorDash themselves, who wrote 'Happy Dashing!', others thought that she received a meagre reward for her mammoth efforts.

The driver somehow managed to transport the massive order.
TikTok / @nasiathemua

"GET THAT MONEY SIS!!!" wrote one fan before joking: "Altima crying though like ford [sic]."

"Hey respect for you and honestly it's worth every penny," added a second, while a third questioned how they could get in on the action, writing: "How do you even get orders like this? I'd love one."

"I would've made more than one trip," wrote another. "Props to you!!! That's so awesome."

Then there were those who thought the tip simply wasn't worth it.

"The underbody damage gonna cost a whole lot more than $90," speculated one TikTok user.

In the comments section, Nasia assured anyone worried about her car that it was completely unscathed after the massive order.

"Still a bit low for $900 groceries," added one user. "That should be at least $135. But $160 since it's such heavy items."

Alongside a crying emoji, another remarked: "So they didn't even tip 10%?"

Naturally, DoorDash drivers want to be well-tipped.
Alamy / True Images

But while non-delivery drivers might have had a mixed reaction to the tip, other DoorDash drivers found the whole thing hilariously relatable.

One wrote: "Girl this how I be in my lil Hyundai packed from the truck to the steering wheel [sic]."

"I feel you," added a second. "I'm a dasher as well & would've picked that sh*t up asap [sic]."

What do you think of the tip?

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