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Dalai Lama apologizes for kissing boy and asking him to 'suck his tongue'

Dalai Lama apologizes for kissing boy and asking him to 'suck his tongue'

The Buddhist leader has spoken out after footage emerged of him kissing a young boy

The Dalai Lama has apologised after a video emerged of him kissing a young boy and asking him to 'suck' his tongue.

The Buddhist spiritual leader said that he was sorry for any hurt he inflicted on the young boy and his family with his actions at the event on 28 February.

In footage from the scene, which has been shared widely on social media, the 87-year-old can be seen addressing a crowd of students at the Tsuglagkhang temple in Dharamshala, northern India.

He then calls up one pupil to the stage, who approaches the microphone and asks the Dalai Lama: "Can I hug you?"

The pair are then seen embracing one another, with the Buddhist head kissing the young boy, first pointing to his cheek, which the lad kisses.

The Dalai Lama was seen hugging and kissing the child.

He then says, "I think finally here also" and points to his lips.

Pulling the boy's chin close towards him, the Dalai Lama kisses his lips as onlookers laugh and clap.

After that, he then tells the boy to 'suck my tongue', sticking his out as he touches heads with him.

Later in the video, the Dalai Lama also tickles the child under his arms.

Since the footage was posted online, many have expressed their disgust at the actions of the religious leader.

Writing on Twitter, one user said: "This is a disgusting, vile and shameful display by a religious leader."

Another commented: "The Dalai Lama kissing a child...I find this highly disturbing, especially the crowd laughing, it's bordering on absolutely Insane."

"So #DalaiLama said suck my tongue to this small boy after kissing him on lips and people are laughing," put a third. "This is so weird."

At one point, the Dalai Lama told the boy to 'suck' his tongue.

While another added: "That Dalai Lama video looks hella weird. No way to sugarcoat it."

The Dalai Lama has now come out and apologised for his actions.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the leader said that he never meant to cause any harm, and was just being 'playful'.

"A video clip has been circulating that shows a recent meeting when a young boy asked His Holiness the Dalai Lama if he could give him a hug," the statement read.

"His Holiness wishes to apologise to the boy and his family, as well as his many friends across the world, for the hurt his words may have caused.

"His Holiness often teases people he meets in an innocent and playful way, even in public and before cameras. He regrets the incident."

Featured Image Credit: VOA

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