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Dad builds 'flame thrower' for his kids to play with

Dad builds 'flame thrower' for his kids to play with

A strong contender for dad of the year built a 'flame-thrower' for his kids to play with.

A strong contender for dad of the year built a 'flame-thrower' for his kids to play with.

Look, as a kid, you're basically told to remember two things, don't go near strangers and don't play with fire.

So, building a flame thrower for your young kids might seem more reckless than reward worthy, but the dedicated dad found a fool-proof way to make sure his young kids never feel the full fury of the fire.

Daniel, from Prince Edward Island in Canada, wanted to build something for his 'wildly imaginative' kids.

Most parents would for a table covered in newspaper and paints, but Daniel took one look at his kids and thought: flame thrower.

Just, not the kind you'd think.

Daniel said: "James and Sophia are our children, they had a friend over to play on the patio, and we decided to let them have some supervised play with this electric leaf blower.

The family love being creative.

"We hovered ping-pong balls, did slow motion videos of our hair blowing in the wind, tried inflating a fitted sheet like a big marshmallow, and finally - 'the flame thrower'.

"Mandy had bought the kids some play silks that they use for homemade forts."

So, the inventive dad attached the silks to the leaf blower and made possibly the best kid's toy we've ever seen.

Daniel said that his kids were absolutely thrilled: "The result was even more spectacular than we imagined - large billowing waves looked remarkably like flames - and so the device immediately was dubbed 'the flame thrower'.

The flame thrower.

"The children all took turns chasing each other in a game of 'Flame Tag'. We also played a jump rope over the flames game, and the children acted out a 'fire bending' play."

And, for anyone worrying it might be encouraging the kids to play with a real flame thrower, don't be because to them 'it was not a deadly weapon, but more a dynamic and giggle-inducing obstacle'.

Daniel said: "When you're a kid - play time is epic! You can imagine larger-than-life scenarios.

"We definitely want to encourage imaginative play, creative problem solving, and inventing a fun new game out of what's lying around."

We definitely admire the inventiveness.

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