'Curvy' teacher responds to parents' backlash against 'attention-seeking' posts

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'Curvy' teacher responds to parents' backlash against 'attention-seeking' posts

Featured Image Credit: @toyboxdollz/Instagram

A teacher has responded to her haters who have criticised her for wearing 'attention-seeking' clothing in class.

Known as 'The Art Teacher', she has a big following on Insta (@toyboxdollz). Yet, pictures of her 'curvy' figure in the classroom have been met with a wave of criticism.

The woman from New Jersey has now hit back at trolls.

Credit: @toyboxdollz/Instagram
Credit: @toyboxdollz/Instagram

In the comments section of some of her photos, people have been taking shots at the teacher, with one person writing: "Taking booty pics in a child’s class room yah don’t think you’ll be a teacher long have a good one."

Another added: "You can’t help your body shape. However You can help what you wear and poses.

"Teachers doing back shots and extremely fitting clothes? You should probably have a private page for your personal stuff.

"Showing pictures in the class with your butt in the air is very inappropriate!"

Someone else said: "Get her out, kids don’t need to see the outcome of you surgeries to look sexually appealing."

However, as shown in the video above, The Art Teacher has now addressed the backlash.

She said: "One thing I want to address is the mothers at my school, at my specific school where I am an actual teacher at, some of those mothers are some of my biggest supporters.

"I have seen some of these mums have been under these reports defending my honour without me having to say a peep."

Credit: @toyboxdollz/Instagram
Credit: @toyboxdollz/Instagram

She added: "It is scary and mind boggling to me that this is really a thing," while also admitting: "I am so happy. I’m still a teacher.

"I’m still at work. I am still living in my truth. I’m still highly favoured. I’m really excited for the way my life is going."

Her video was met with lots of support, with one person commenting: "You have always been a great person with a wonderful heart!! Don’t allow any negativity to affect any of the positive things you have going on. Wishing you all the best and many blessings."

Credit: @toyboxdollz/Instagram
Credit: @toyboxdollz/Instagram

Someone else said: "Stunning wish you were my teacher shame of folks for their inadequacy. We out here losing our Rights and they complaining about you. SMH."

Another added: "Keep being you because you sound like a excellent teacher so keep up your great work!!!"

UNILAD has contacted @toyboxdollz for comment.

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