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Former racing champion jailed for killing sister's abusive boyfriend

Former racing champion jailed for killing sister's abusive boyfriend

The former racing champion now faces time behind bars

Warning: This article contains discussion of domestic violence which some readers may find distressing

A former speedway racing champion has been jailed for killing his sister's abusive boyfriend.

Jesse Tattersall, 33, boasted to his partner's brother: "You should see what I do to her in the bedroom," which led to a brutal situation.

After stabbing Tattersall twice, Tyler King, 27, told his sister Tenille: “No one’s going to f**king hit you again, no one’s going to hurt you again,” before stabbing him a third time.

King, of Budgewoi, Australia, confronted Tattersall as he was dragging his sister through the living room.

Tattersall allegedly said: "Sorry bro, sorry bro. I won’t hit her again."

Tattersall then slammed King’s head through a plasterboard wall, which led to the former's comments about sleeping with King's sister.

Tyler King has been jailed. (7NEWS)
Tyler King has been jailed. (7NEWS)

The former racing champion, who had been on bail for aggravated burglary at the time, grabbed a knife from the kitchen as the pair fought.

And as Tenille tried to separate them, King stabbed Tattersall.

Tattersall stumbled outside of the house following the altercation, before collapsing and dying outside a neighbor’s house.

Earlier on in the night, he had threatened to kill Tenille after an argument.

King pleaded guilty to manslaughter of Tattersall at Hamlyn Terrace in September 2022.

Newcastle Supreme Court Justice Natalie Adams on Thursday (23 May) said she was unable to conclude if King had intended to kill Tattersall.

She added her sentencing came about on the basis King wanted to cause Tattersall grievous bodily harm in the hope he would never hurt his sister again.

The judge said: "Tenille had told him she was scared of the deceased and asked him to come to the house to protect her.

"After that, the deceased had smashed his way into her property through a security door and immediately begun to violently assault her. She was defenceless against this attack."

Tyler King previously pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Jesse Tattersall (pictured). (7News)
Tyler King previously pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Jesse Tattersall (pictured). (7News)

Justice Adams made it clear Tattersall intended to assault Tenille, adding that to some degree, King acted out of fear and panic.

"At the time of the assault by the deceased on Tenille, the deceased no doubt thought she was alone in her home, and he could assault her freely," she added.

"There was no evidence, when he commenced his physical assault on her, he knew Mr King was present. It is a feature of domestic violence offences that they often occur at home with no witnesses.”

Justice Adams sentenced King to six years and nine months behind bars, with a minimum term of four years and three months.

If you are experiencing domestic violence, please know that you are not alone. You can talk in confidence 24 hours a day to the national domestic violence helpline on 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) 24/7. You can find a list of local resources here.

Featured Image Credit: 7NEWS

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