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Police find creepy object in suspected serial killer's home
Featured Image Credit: Suffolk County Sherriff Department. WGRZ-TV/NBC

Police find creepy object in suspected serial killer's home

Police made the discovery a day after Rex Heuermann was charged in connection with three killings in a decade-old case.

Police discovered an incredibly creepy object while searching the childhood home of suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer, Rex Heuermann, over the weekend.

Father-of-two, Heuermann, was arrested last week in connection with three killings in a decade-old case involving 10 bodies.

He was charged with first and second-degree murder for the deaths of three women whose bodies were found wrapped in burlap along Ocean Parkway, Long Island, in 2010.

“Yes, the day has finally come when someone so… depraved of heart who would kill individuals, innocent individuals in the prime of their lives, their young lives, is finally brought to justice,” New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Friday.

“We are hoping that this will bring justice to this individual but also peace to the families.”

The bodies of Megan Waterman, Melissa Barthelemy and Amber Costello were found in close proximity of each other in 2010.

Heuermann is yet to be charged in relation to the murder of a fourth woman. The victims, who were all sex workers, became known as the 'Gilgo Four'.

Suffolk County Sherriff's Department

Just a day after Heuermann was charged, police made a horrifying discovery as they searched his childhood home, stumbling upon a child-sized doll kept in a large wooden and glass case.

Photos obtained by the New York Post show two police officers carefully carrying the case from the house in Long Island.

The doll appears to be wearing a red outfit and there is a red bow in its long, blonde plaited hair.

“We’re just going through his house looking to see if there’s any evidence,” a police source said of the search of the architect's home.

“If he has any trophies.”

Rex Heuermann.

According to CBS, investigators carried at least four computers out of the building where Heuermann worked last week.

Detectives closed in on Heuermann in January, after he threw away a pizza box outside of his office building and investigators ordered a DNA swab of the leftover crusts. Last week, they confirmed the DNA matched a hair found on the burlap-type material that was used to tie up Megan Waterman.

CBS spoke to people who worked inside the office building in midtown Manhattan.

"It's a little scary that he was two floors above me. We're right on the ninth floor, and no one had any idea obviously. That's really scary, and it went on for so long, too, which is also horrifying," one woman said.

"I'm just in shock to find out he worked in my building. I could've been in the elevator with him," another person said.

Heuermann appeared before a judge Friday afternoon and pleaded not guilty.

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