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Kathy Griffin has been suspended on Twitter after impersonating Elon Musk

Kathy Griffin has been suspended on Twitter after impersonating Elon Musk

The comedian tried to make a political statement using Musk's name and she's been met with brutal consequences.

Kathy Griffin is one of the first celebrities to fall victim to Elon Musk's new set of rules after he took over Twitter.

The 62-year-old comedian's page was suspended on Sunday (November 6) after she changed her account name to 'Elon Musk'.

Her Twitter handle still reflected her own name @kathygriffin.

The comedian used the seemingly new identity to urge users to #VoteBlue and check out Twitter's competitor platform Mastodon.

"After much spirited discussion with the females in my life, I’ve decided that voting blue for their choice is only right. (They’re also sexy females, btw.) #VoteBlueToProtectWomen," Griffin said in the now-deleted tweet.

It didn't take too long for the tweet to get back to the Twitter head honcho as her page is now blanked out and says that it has been suspended.

It came not long after Musk revealed a new policy for the social media site to crack down on this sort of behaviour.

"Going forward, any Twitter handles engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying ‘parody’ will be permanently suspended," Twitter's new head honcho wrote in a series of tweets.

"Previously, we issued a warning before suspension, but now that we are rolling out widespread verification, there will be no warning.

"This will be clearly identified as a condition for signing up to Twitter Blue."

Musk added: "Any name change at all will cause temporary loss of verified checkmark."

But Griffin is not the only one who changed their name to match Musk's.

Former NFL player Chris Kluwe has also copped a Twitter suspension after changing his social media moniker to 'Elon Musk' and tweeted memes about the new ownership.

Actor Valerie Bertinelli and Roswell star Brendan Fehr also momentarily changed their screen names to 'Elon Musk' but they seem to have dodged suspension by changing heir names back rather quickly.

"We are no longer all Elon Musk… … cause he locked those accounts," Fehr tweeted.

"But don’t worry, he’s still perfectly fine with anyone tweeting lies and irresponsible conspiracies so all’s good and makes sense."

Bertinelli also tweeted: "Okey-dokey I’ve had my fun and I think I made my point. I’m just not a "trending" kind of gal. Never have been, never want to be."

The American comedian, who just celebrated her 61st birthday the day prior, has not commented on the permanent suspension.

UNILAD has reached out to Griffin and Twitter for comment.

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