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People shocked after seeing how much food and drink costs at Coachella

People shocked after seeing how much food and drink costs at Coachella

Festival-goers can't get over the extremely hefty price tags for food and drink

People are well and truly shocked after seeing just how much food and drink can set you back at Coachella.

The famed music festival kicked off over the weekend (14 April) and is making waves online for a whole lot more than just the on-stage performances.

Coachella is being slammed over the extremely hefty price tags attached to various food and drink products sold at the event. Check it out:

The festival boasts a jam-packed line-up of some of the biggest music acts around right now.

From Rosalia and Bad Bunny all the way through to Charli XCX and Gorillaz - it's no wonder that tickets for the event's first weekend totally sold out.

Weekend two general admission tickets are currently sale on the Coachella website for a staggering $549, with VIP tickets going for a small fortune of $1,069.

And the high prices don't stop at admission, with the extortionate price labels of food and drink now going viral on social media.

People are totally shocked to discover the prices of food and drink at Coachella.

One festival-goer Jackie Tanti took to TikTok to share just how much bang she got for her buck during the festival's first weekender.

Heads up - it's not a lot.

She showed her 17.8k followers a mini haul of her festival picnic consisting of only four items.

"Just so you all know, the two coffees and these two burritos cost us $64. Capitalism really popped off today," Jackie said.

While admitting that the food was 'actually pretty good,' it's clear it was no way near worth over 60 dollars.

Jackie captioned the short clip: "The s***iest part of Coachella."

It's fair to say that people were not impressed with the price breakdown, with over 2.7 million viewing the clip within just a day of it being posted.

Would you fork out $64 for this?

One TikTok user wrote: "That 'burrito' is 50% tortilla."

"My jaw dropped," posted a second, while a third revealed: "I gasped."

Others, however, took it upon themselves to rate the high-end grub and offer their two cents on the matter.

"Omg what!? Thats like a $16 coffee! It better have been the best coffee of your LIFE!!," commented one totally baffled viewer.

One caffeine critic posted: "The coffees look rough ngl."

"The coffees look watery and bitter too," echoed another.

A final TikTok user admitted: "I think I’d be in debt for the rest of my life if I went to Coachella for a weekend."

People were outraged over the 'insane' pricing.

And it's clear that Jackie's experiences were not an exception as the festival has already garnered a bit of a reputation for its pricey products.

Festival attendees definitely need to consider budgeting for food and drink when it comes to spending money at the event.

According to the Groove Cartel, a fried chicken sandwich typically costs around $17, a grilled cheese will set you back $16 and sides like onion rings or crinkle-cut fries can range anywhere from $12 to $14.

And it doesn't stop there.

A Redbull and vodka will leave you forking out $20, while an oat milk latte can cost as much as $15 each.


UNILAD has reached out to Coachella for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jackietanti

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