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Man allegedly shot roommate for eating the last Hot Pocket

Man allegedly shot roommate for eating the last Hot Pocket

He allegedly turned violent and shot his roommate in the buttocks

A Kentucky man is accused of shooting his roommate in the buttocks after he ate the last Hot Pocket.

Clifton Williams, 64, is alleged to have started throwing tiles at his roommate after finding out there were no more of the microwavable snacks left - before things turned violent.

According to court records: “Williams was mad because the man had eaten the last Hot Pocket.”

The roommate told officers that he had attempted to fight back and ‘beat his ass’ but this just made Williams angrier and he went inside their home to get a pistol.

Police said he then shot the gun, hitting his roommate in the buttocks.

The victim, who has not been named, told cops he had shouted, ‘Don't shoot’, but that Williams 'shot him in the ass while he was trying to leave'.

The victim says he ran a few blocks to go and get help and was later taken to University of Louisville Hospital for treatment.

Four hours after the incident unfolded, Williams was arrested by officers from the Louisville Metro Police Department and charged with felony assault.

Clifton Williams is accused of shooting his roommate after discovering he’d eaten the last Hot Pocket.
Louisville Metro Police Department

He was told not to make any contact with his victim and is prohibited from possessing any guns. He was ​​arraigned at LMDC courtroom where he entered a not guilty plea and bail was set at $7,500 - he is due to return to court on May 30.

Somewhat incredibly, this isn’t the first shooting that is said to have stemmed from a disagreement over a Hot Pocket.

Back in 2017, Nathaniel Mathis was sentenced to life in prison for a fatal shooting that kicked off over the frozen snacks.

Prosecutors said Mathis had asked his sister and her boyfriend Rodney Benton, 34, to pick up some pepperoni Hot Pockets from the store and had given them his bank card to use.

However, the store had sold out and when the couple attempted to purchase other items instead, Mathis’s card was rejected.

The shooting is said to have broken out over a disagreement about Hot Pockets.

Mathis’s sister called him to explain what had happened and an argument broke out.

Upon returning home, empty handed, the couple were Mathis was waiting and still furious over the situation.

Prosecutors said Mathis went up to the passenger side and shouted, “You know what’s going on” and shot Benton eight times.

He then fled the scene, but was later found by cops and arrested.

Mathis was found guilty of murder, possession of a firearm by a first offender probationer and criminal damage to property.

He was given a life sentence, plus 10-years.

Featured Image Credit: Louisville Metro Police Department / Nestle

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