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Chilling handwritten note left by Michigan University shooter's body released by police
Featured Image Credit: Michigan Dept. of Corrections/Michigan State University Police

Chilling handwritten note left by Michigan University shooter's body released by police

The disturbing note gives some insight to Anthony McRae's state of mind

Police have released the chilling note left beside the body of the shooter who took three people lives at Michigan State University.

The note was written the day before Anthony McRae embarked on his violent rampage on 13 February.

His shooting spree left three people dead and five others injured.

Once McRae turned the gun on himself and ended his life, a note was found on his body which gave some insight to the killer's mind.

The disturbing letter was shared by police.
Michigan State University Police

Disturbingly, McRae claimed to be the leader of a group of 20 people, who were planning shootings in other states across the US, including Colorado and New Jersey.

His note sees him admit to his crimes, while claiming that other locations will be targeted, including some schools.

The specific locations have been redacted by the Michigan State University Police.

The rest of McRae's disturbed writing reveals his sense of despair at being treated like an 'outcast'.

McRae wrote: "They made me who I am today a killer.

"I am a person. Why do people hate me?

"Every where I go people treat me different."

Anthony McRae killed three people in a shooting at Michigan State University.
Michigan Department Of Corrections

McRae's letter also clears his father of any wrongdoing.

His dad has since spoken about his son's horrifying crime and claimed that he saw a change in his son in recent years.

Speaking to NBC News Michael McRae said that the death of his wife and Anthony's mother was a huge catalyst.

He explained: "He was a mama’s boy. He loved his mom. They were tight. His mom was like his sister.

“He was grieving his mom. He wouldn’t let it go. He got bitter, bitter and bitter.

“His mom died, and he just started getting evil and mean. He didn’t care about anything anymore."

McRae claims his son became reclusive and stayed in his room playing video games. Attempts to help his son by getting him a job, seek counselling or attend church were fruitless.

Students at Michigan State University protested in front of the State Capitol against guns following the shooting.
REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

All three of McRae's victims were students at Michigan State University - Arielle Diamond Anderson, Brian Fraser and Alexandria Verner.

Another student, John Hao, was left paralysed when one of McRae's bullets hit his spinal cord.

His room-mate, Argent Qian, revealed that his paralysis was the latest in a series of difficulties for Hao's family.

Qian said: "Due to Covid, they are already in a large amount of debt, and John's critical injuries are adding to the pressure on the family, leaving their parents not only to pay the debt in the future but also need to take care of John without having any income, since they are in the U.S. without speaking any English."

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