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Chef’s ‘functional’ tattoo has people very confused

Chef’s ‘functional’ tattoo has people very confused

A chef has got a tattoo fit for work inked onto his hand and people are wondering why

A chef who ended up getting his hand inked with a 'functional' tattoo to help him measure ingredients has left a lot of people confused.

Showing off his tattoo in a TikTok post on his account @myfoodom_official, chef Bryce Norblom explained that the two rings inked onto the palm of his hand were meant to represent different sizes of measurement.

The smaller inner ring is supposed to give an idea of how much a 'teaspoon' worth of something is, while the larger one is meant to represent how much you'd get when your recipe calls for you to use an amount worthy of a tablespoon.

He said: "Teaspoon, tablespoon, always on hand. Literally.

"I use this day to day and actually use it in the professional kitchens when my cooks will tell me that 'hey, you're not measuring it out', I'll be like 'talk to the hand'."

"So kind of fun, functional tattoo. Might as well get one right?"

Bryce Norblom uses his hand tattoo to measure out ingredients while cooking..

In the video, he demonstrated exactly how the measurement system works, proving that the hand measuring tattoo does work after all.

He showed how he could measure out a spoonful of sugar or a serving of salt using nothing but the tattoo on his hand as an accurate measuring tool.

And while the tattoo is certainly impressive and it's clear to see how he got some good use out of it, a lot of people were left confused as to why he didn't just use a spoon.

Someone asked: "How much salt is still left in his hand."

Others suggested running every ingredient over his hands wasn't the best idea in the world as far as hygiene is concerned, with one person posting that 'palm sweat has entered the chat'.

Another said the tattoo was 'pretty cool' but asked: "Why would I wanna get my hand dirty when I could just use a spoon', while a third said they'd 'rather not have all of his hand juice on my spices."

The chef has a big spoon and a little spoon right in the palm of his hand whenever he needs them.

Despite the confusion some people at the chef's tattoo, there were many who could see the positive side, with plenty saying that they 'love it' and wondering if they could get one of their own.

Lots of others also thought the tattoo looked particularly 'handy' to have around the kitchen.

And Bryce isn't the only person who's had the idea of getting tattoos to stand in for a lack of measuring tools.

Adam Savage from MythBusters has done plenty of amazing things throughout his career and thanks to his tattoo, he's never without a ruler since he's got one tattooed down his arm for handy reference.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@myfoodom_official

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