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Shark expert shares what teen who jumped off cruise ship's final moments would have been like

Shark expert shares what teen who jumped off cruise ship's final moments would have been like

Cameron Robbins was last seen jumping off a ship in the Bahamas, with many believing he was attacked by a shark

A shark expert has given his thoughts on what might have happened during the last moments of Cameron Robbins, who was last seen jumping off a boat in the Bahamas, before disappearing beneath the dark water.

Warning, some viewers may find the video distressing.

The 18-year-old baseball star was last seen on board a boat called Blackbeard’s Revenge, before he jumped into the water.

Then, he disappeared beneath the surface and hasn’t been seen again, leading some to believe that he might have been attacked by a shark.

Now, a shark expert has offered his thoughts on what might have happened to Robbins.

Kevin McMurray runs a website called, and dedicates himself to collecting stories and information about shark attacks around the globe.

Robbins was in the Bahamas with his friends for a holiday after graduation when he disappeared, and McMurray has analysed the footage of his last moments, believing that there might have been a shark in the water.

Cameron Robbins disappeared on a holiday in the Bahamas.

"At the beginning of it, it looks like there is a shark or something," he told The Mirror.

"He's in the water and over to the left you can see it.

"So my analysis, what I think happened is, he got in the water and he was swimming around, the shark, for some reason, or whatever it is - I'm not for sure saying it is a shark, but it looks a lot like a shark - essentially it comes and surfaces and there's a life ring out to his right.

"So he's looking at whatever popped up out of the water, and instead of swimming toward the life ring he turns around at that point.

“I think all that splashing we see is just him trying to get away from whatever it is."

There has been much speculation about what happened to the Louisiana teenager since his disappearance, which took place after he dived into the water - allegedly as a dare - during a sunset pirate-themed cruise aboard the ship.

"It's always possible [that sharks could attack],” said McMurray.

"My guess is that if something like that did occur, maybe a single bite or something like that, more than likely, again you can't say because anything's possible, but exposure would probably be what I think would have occurred and he may have died of that.

"Either he sank or a shark ate his body, that's possible."

Cameron had just graduated.

He added: “There are a lot of tiger sharks there, and they'll scavenge.

"They're the ones on Jaws that had the license plate tag in their stomach, so they'll eat anything.

“It's always possible that he could have been consumed, after the fact."

However, whilst he admits it is ‘possible’ that his remains may be found, it’s a long shot.

"Recovering it would be nearly impossible,” he continued.

“Something like that, you're talking about a massive search area with currents and all that."

Featured Image Credit: Family Handout/QuietWest3764/Reddit

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