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Bryce Dallas Howard called 'tone deaf' for lengthy post on 'how to make it in Hollywood'

Bryce Dallas Howard called 'tone deaf' for lengthy post on 'how to make it in Hollywood'

Howard spoke about attending 'one of the best' drama schools and shared tips from her famous grandparents

Bryce Dallas Howard's advice on ‘how to make it in Hollywood’ hasn't gone down too well with her followers, who branded the lengthy Instagram post 'tone deaf'.

The Jurassic World star, 42, opened up in a well-intentioned message about realising what it takes to ‘make it’ in the entertainment industry.

Taking to Instagram, Howard shared how she attended ‘one of the best drama schools’ but still felt ‘stuck’.

The actor wrote: “A message to aspiring artists & fellow dreamers When I graduated high school in the spring of ‘99, I was thoroughly optimistic about starting my career. By the time my classmates graduated college, 20 years ago this May, I felt completely different.

“There was a stark reality that I had simply not been prepared for: what it *actually* takes to ‘make it’ in the entertainment industry.

Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World.
Universal Pictures

“My peers and I were fortunate to attend one of the best drama schools, but there was a massive gap. While school gave us an amazing foundation, we finished our formal training and still felt stuck because we were told our only option was to wait for someone else to hire us. (Sound familiar?)”

She explained that this urged her to embrace becoming a multi-hyphenate after her grandparents taught her this valuable lesson from an early age.

“So after months of trial and error, I knew I needed to create a strategy for myself; one based on what my grandparents taught me: to make a consistent living in the entertainment industry you must become a multi-hyphenate (actor/director/writer/producer) and create work for yourself AND your peers. Most students don’t learn that until years into their career.

“I want to change that.

“In my mid 20s that looked like gathering a group of friends for a workshop, and in recent years I’ve taught a filmmaking course at NYU. The headline for both: creating a structure for collaboration & creating our own work. It’s my mission to empower newcomers with the same strategies that I’ve observed and practiced, because there IS a path to ‘making it’.”

While the entertainment industry changes, Howard told her three million followers that there are opportunities for them to ‘realise your dreams of becoming a professional storyteller’ and shared her plan to offer tips and stories about how to make it in the entertainment industry.

Bryce Dallas Howard gave advice on how to make it in the industry.
ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo.

“We are in the midst of tremendous transformation in the storytelling industry. I’ve witnessed how flawed ‘industry standards’ are, and these conflicting, unrealistic, and outdated messages make many quit before they’ve even had a chance to shine. But trust me when I say that there’s more OPPORTUNITIES than ever to realize your dreams of becoming a professional storyteller. I want all artists to know their power at this moment. And I intend to be there for you every step of the way."

She finished her post with a ‘plan’ for all the aspiring storytellers who follow her. “So here's the plan: I’ll share my tips, ideas, & stories to help you navigate the showbiz landscape – but I need your input! Tell me in the comments: what are your questions about the entertainment industry?”

Dozens of fans were thankful for Howard’s advice and asked follow-up questions about breaking into the industry. Others called out the Instagram post and highlighted that Howard comes from a famous family of successful entertainers, including her late grandfather and film and TV actor Rance Howard and late grandmother, who also appeared in TV and films, Jean Speegle Howard.

Bryce Dallas Howard with her famous dad Ron Howard.

“This is a great program coming from a very talented person but it’s weird that the mouthpiece for how to navigate ‘breaking into the industry’ is coming from a famous actor/director’s daughter,” one Instagram user replied, referencing Howard’s dad, actor Ron Howard.

Another person critiqued: “How to make it in Hollywood:

1. Be born into privilege

2. Nepotism”

A third commented: “You forgot the part where your dad is a very famous Hollywood director and producer. Why do nepo babies love to deny their privilege and act like it didn’t play a huge -if not the biggest- part in their careers?”

"Hi. Just learning we’re mutuals & really feeling compelled to say something that I hope you’ll be open to receive. This advice is extremely tone deaf given your father’s lengthy decorated career and the current #writersstrike #sagaftra strike authorization vote. The fate of our industry is in the balance & those of us without Oscar winning parents could really use your support."

Featured Image Credit: ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo/Universal Pictures

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