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Man strikes out on national TV after baseball game proposal goes horribly wrong
Featured Image Credit: ESPN

Man strikes out on national TV after baseball game proposal goes horribly wrong

One Louisiana State University (LSU) fan was instantly shut down by a woman in the crowd.

A man was brutally rejected at a university baseball championship game earlier this week.

While one Louisiana State University (LSU) fan was in a celebratory mood after the Tiger’s won their championship, he was quickly shut down when a woman in the stands rejected his fist bump.

The awkward encounter was caught on national TV and has since been circulating on Twitter.

In the short clip captured by ESPN cameras, the LSU fan is seen standing in the crowd at Charles Schwab Field in Omaha when he approaches a woman dressed in all-neutral near him.


As he leans over, he gives her a celebratory fist bump and is quickly met with her ‘talk to the hand’.

As he tries to speak to the woman, she proceeds to tell him 'no' and gestures to the pitch before he swiftly moves away.

I have second-hand embarrassment from this clip.

One Twitter user penned: “Only LSU starter who hasn’t gotten on base.”

Another wrote: “We stan a boundary setting Queen.”

A third joked: “Should’ve pulled out the costco card.”

While another said: “Scold that Tiger.”

Despite the man being brutally rejected on national TV, at least he can bask in the fact that his team won their first Men’s College World Series since 2009 with an 18 - 4 victory over Florida.

However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a painful rejection, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Just last year, a man was turned down after proposing topless at a New York Islanders vs Panthers NHL hockey game.

TikTok / @roger_farina

It all went down when the infamous kiss cam landed on the couple, and the man seized the moment to get down on one knee - while wearing no shirt, yes.

The crowd began to cheer, and a cameraman went right up to the couple to capture the moment before some members of the crowd started to yell: "Just say no."

The woman, captured wearing an orange hat, could then be seen deliberating for some time as her hands covered her mouth in shock.

The woman began to lean forward, which had the crowd believing she was about to say ‘yes’; however, after she whispered in his ear, it became clear that it was, in fact, a ‘no’.

As the man remained stunned, the woman then proceeded to exit the venue after the very public moment. Offft.

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