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Australian politician is getting booted from her party for being involved in an anti-transgender rally

Australian politician is getting booted from her party for being involved in an anti-transgender rally

Liberal MP Moira Deeming, who attended anti-transgender event at Victoria's state parliament, was told she would be expelled on Sunday night

A politician in the Australian state of Victoria is facing the chop from her own party after she took part in an anti-transgender rally.

Liberal MP Moira Deeming not only attended the Let Women Speak event on Saturday (March 18), which was hosted by British anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull outside Victorian parliament, but also spoke at the event.

A group of neo-Nazis joined anti-trans demonstrators and were seen repeatedly performing the Nazi salute.

The vile motion sparked violent clashes as police attempted to keep counter-protesters at bay, which allowed the neo-Nazis to pass through freely while continuing to salute.

Victorian opposition Leader John Pesutto issued a statement to reveal he had met with Deeming on Sunday to discuss her involvement, and ultimately confirmed he would move to expel her from the party.

"At our meeting I informed Ms Deeming that I will move a motion at the next party room meeting to expel her as a member of the parliamentary Liberal Party as her position is untenable," he said.

He revealed his decision was based on her actions being in conflict with both the party and wider community’s values, and were not based on anything to do with free speech.

"The Liberal Party I joined and which I am now honored to lead, must strive to represent all Victorians," he said.

"Regardless of religious faith, race, sexual preference and identity, Victorians everywhere should know that the Liberal Party is inclusive and can be a voice for them."

He also spoke to ABC News Breakfast on Monday (March 20) morning to elaborate on his decision.

"Moira Deeming not only attended this protest on the steps of parliament, but was actively involved in different ways in the organization and promotion of this protest at which there were speakers with known links to neo-Nazis," he told the ABC.

"I won't have any of it.

"What I'm doing is a statement that we will not tolerate or ever accept any association with neo-Nazis and white supremacists or anybody who sympathizes with them."

Deeming took to social media on Saturday to slam Victoria Police for 'letting masked men into the rally buffer zone, terrifying women who were just trying to speak about their rights'.

"Police managed to stop hordes of [trans rights activists], but somehow could only walk masked men past us [as] they did a horrible Nazi salute," she said on Twitter.

The former teacher was elected to the Victorian parliament last year after controversial MP Bernie Finn was expelled from the party over his views on abortion.

Deeming used her inaugural speech last month to call for an inquiry into transition practices.

She also slammed measures to include trans women in female-only change rooms and sports.

Featured Image Credit: Sunrise/7NEWS.

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