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Athlete Shows What A 20-Metre High Dive Looks Like And People Are Freaking Out

Athlete Shows What A 20-Metre High Dive Looks Like And People Are Freaking Out

Canadian high-diver Molly Carlson gave viewers an insight to the scarily high dive.

Canadian high-diver Molly Carlson left TikTok viewers reeling when she offered an insight into the terrifying 20-metre high dive.

Molly first got into diving when she was just nine years old, and over the years went on to become one of Canada’s top junior divers, competing at the 2014 Youth Olympics and becoming a world junior finalist in 2014 and 2016.

She is currently a senior national team high diver for Team Canada with plans to go to the Olympics, all the while entertaining her 2.8 million TikTok followers with intriguing insights into life as a high-diver.

Check out the 20-metre high dive below:

Molly shared the clip of the dizzyingly-high board in response to another TikToker who admitted they grabbed their phone 'extra tight' when she got on to the platform to perform the dive.

The clip opens with the athlete walking along a platform that stretches out high over the pool below, while she described herself as 'very, very lucky' to be able to train on an indoor 20-metre board in Montreal.

The athlete explained she was preparing to perform the 'front double-half' dive, which she said was her 'favourite dive'.

After making her way along a platform that seemed longer than many of the lines at Alton Towers (or another busy theme park of your choosing), Molly made it to the 20-metre platform and gave viewers a glimpse over the 'crazy high' edge, showing the diving pool waiting far below.

As though she wasn't about to throw herself off a 20-metre high platform, Molly said, casually, 'Now, we're gonna dive.'

The video shows the athlete preparing for her dive before gracefully hopping off the platform and performing a series of intricate moves before splashing into the water below. Off-camera, onlookers could be heard cheering and clapping the athlete.

Though the dive was seemingly just another day in 'the office' for Molly, the footage of the dive prompted some TikTok users to express their sheer terror.

One person commented: 'Anyone else's stomach completely DROP when she shows up the water from the edge?'

Another wrote: 'Is it possible to over dive and miss the pool?!?! bc that's my fear lol.'

Hopefully someone as skilled as Molly won't ever be in danger of 'over-diving', and if you do happen to be at risk of such a move, I'd probably recommend that you avoid the 20-metre platform.

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Featured Image Credit: @mollycarlson/tiktok

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