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Woman films 'day in the life' at work for TikTok before getting sacked

Woman films 'day in the life' at work for TikTok before getting sacked

What was supposed to be a quirky slice of life ended up morphing into something much more depressing

A woman's day-in-the-life video took a harrowing turn when her trip to the office ended with her finding out she'd been laid off. Watch how it unfolded below:

Ashleigh Carter, (@ashweecarter) was until recently an employee at media company Barstool Sports, and in a series of clips intended to showcase a normal day at the office inadvertently ended up chronicling her last day at work.

The series of short video clips began with one of Carter doing her hair and getting ready for work, with a text overlay reading: “Day in the life: girl who just got laid off” looming ominously overhead.

“This video is honestly f***ing hilarious now because I filmed this ‘spend a day in my life with me’ and I had no idea what was to come when I got to the office today,” she narrated over the footage.

@ashweecarter / TikTok

After getting ready and heading to the train station, she continues to provide commentary as she documents what would end up being her final trip to the office. 

“There I am,” she says, watching herself walk down the street as she makes her way to the office. 

“We made it into the city of dreams that are crushed and sometimes hopeless, you never know.”

Upon arriving, Carter proceeds to point out the computer and desk she would soon never see again as she continued on with her day in 'blissful ignorance'.

@ashweecarter / TikTok

“Oh, I’m just awaiting the review I thought I had scheduled,” she says as the clip shows her sitting at her desk. 

“Haha just kidding, I got laid off. Here’s me crying because I just lost my job, and I walked home to Brooklyn.”

“I always said I liked surprises,” she added in the caption. 

Whether it was unexpected or inevitable, Ashleigh’s experiences clearly hit a chord with a lot of people in similar situations, who flooded into the comments to express their sympathies and share their own experiences.

“When I got fired I walked all the way home instead of taking the train. It's a mood,” one user commented, to which Ashleigh replied: “I literally couldn’t comprehend anything, I had to just walk.”

Another said: “Just imagining them looking at her taking TikToks and shaking their heads knowing what's gonna happen."

“Thank you for all the nice comments,” Asheligh posted in a follow-up thread. “I was laid off due to financial reasons, nothing scandalous. Media is a tough business."

UNILAD has contacted Barstool Sports for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: @ashweecarter / TikTok

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