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Couple eaten alive by wild bear captured eerie recording of their own deaths
Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate

Couple eaten alive by wild bear captured eerie recording of their own deaths

Timothy Treadwell was mauled to death by the beast before his girlfriend was eaten alive

Warning: Article contains graphic content

Having spent a huge proportion of his life outdoors, adrenaline junkie Timothy Treadwell considered himself somewhat immune to the dangers of wilderness exploring.

For over a decade, he spent his summers relaxing under the stars in Alaska's Katmai National Park, exploring the plush green territory primarily occupied by wild bears.

Timothy spent 13 years in the presence of these beautiful beasts, going as far as to talk to and play alongside them regularly, and naming some of his favorites.

In October 2003, however, after traveling to his most regularly attended camping spot in the northwest state with girlfriend Amie Huguenard, he seemingly became too complacent about the risks of approaching these colossal, carnivorous creatures.

Just hours before he and Amie were due to be collected via seaplane and taken home, one of the bears turned on 46-year-old Timothy.

The animal mauled him to death in front Amie's eyes, before attacking her, too.

Timothy recorded a lot of his encounters with bears.

Willy Fulton, the air taxi pilot scheduled to pick the couple up at their pre-arranged time, landed on the scene but there was no one to be seen.

It wasn't long until it dawned on Willy what had played out just minutes prior.

He later told press that the 'meanest looking bear' seemed to emerge out of nowhere, before 'sitting atop of a pile of human remains'.

Willy revealed that the 1,000lb animal then began 'feeding on a human ribcage'.

The couple's tent was then discovered, filled with unopened food supplies, despite the fact it had collapsed.

Park rangers attending the scene also found Timothy and Amie's shoes waiting neatly beside their tents, before something sticking out of a mound of twigs and greenery caught their eye.

Timothy named several of the bears in the National Park.

Joe Ellis, one of the rangers, claimed it took him a second to process the fact he was looking at an arm - complete with fingers - poking out of the pile.

The team also discovered Timothy's mauled head nearby, which was still connected to a piece of his spine, as well as his right arm, with wrist still attached.

The most startling find was yet to occur, however, after the rangers came across a video camera inside Timothy's tent, which would later serve as evidence to the grizzly scene that had played out.

The couple had inadvertently recorded their own deaths in the six-minute-long video - which would later feature in the documentary film, Grizzly Man.

The real life recording begins with Timothy calling to Amie - who is still inside her tent - to come outside as the bear began to exhibit some aggressive behavior towards him.

Timothy was mauled to death.

"Get out here! I'm getting killed out here!" he screams to Amie, who is then heard clambering out of her tent in a panic, quickly instructing Timothy to 'play dead'.

This technique is initially successful, with the bear appearing to back away - until Amie approaches her boyfriend, that is, after which the animal clamps its jaws around Timothy's head and attempts to drags him away.

He begs her to 'hit the bear', after which she implores him to 'fight back' before breaking down into a series of screams.

It is at this point that the recording stops, but investigators into the attack later discovered exactly what the animal had consumed.

After subsequently shooting the 28-year-old bear, they recovered four bin bags filled with human remains.

Discussing the tape, pilot Willy later warned horror fans to 'never listen to this', with the recording said to have been placed under lock and key.

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