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Man's attempt to take selfie with a walrus ended in complete disaster
Featured Image Credit: CEN

Man's attempt to take selfie with a walrus ended in complete disaster

A keeper tried to step in and intervene

A man was met with an unfortunate fate after trying to get a selfie with a walrus.

It's not uncommon for people to try and get photos with animals, especially if they're visiting them at a zoo - but taking such a snap comes with its risks.

The most common issue people face is having their phones swiped by cheeky monkeys or potentially dropping their camera in the enclosure; but much more serious problems may arise depending on the animal you're picturing.

It goes without saying that you probably shouldn't put your head near large animals like lions or tigers for an entertaining selfie, and - if this wasn't self-evident - walruses are another dangerous animal you need to stay clear of.

The marine mammals typically weigh around a ton and, while the huge animals don't typically attack humans, it's not unheard of.

An incident occurred back in 2016 at the Yeshanko Wildlife Zoo in Liaoning province, China, when Jia Lijun attempted to take a selfie with a 1.5 ton walrus who had lived at the wildlife park for over a decade.

While he managed to get a few photos, the walrus is then reported to have attacked Lijun, grabbing him from behind and dragging him into the water.

A seasoned animal keeper then stepped in to try and help, but ultimately both people lost their lives.

Jia Lijun died after taking a photo with the walrus.

Apparently Lijun had been excited to see the walrus.

A friend of his told local reporters after his untimely passing: "Who would have thought that at three o'clock he would send me a video, talking and laughing and just a few minutes he was drowning in the water."

They went on to recall eye-witness reports, saying: "His back was to the walrus, and he took a selfie, the walrus came from behind and pulled him into the pool to play.

"He was killed by the walrus, he didn't accidentally fall into the water."

It isn't thought that the walrus was euthanized after the ordeal, but Lijun's family were paid 900,000 yuan (around $137,000) in compensation, CNET reported at the time.

The walrus reportedly weighs 1.5 tons.

Sadly, deaths at zoos aren't uncommon, with a more recent death occurring just this month.

The Bahawalpur Zoo in Punjab, Pakistan, has been shut down after a man was mauled to death by tigers after jumping into their enclosure after hours.

"The zoo is closed right now as we determine how the man got in," said Ali Usman Bukhari, a senior officer of the province's wildlife department which operates the zoo, told CBS News at the time.

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