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Dog with 'Italian accent' proves animals sound like their owners

Dog with 'Italian accent' proves animals sound like their owners

Aaron the husky quickly went viral online for his 'Italian accent'

A dog quickly became a viral sensation after showcasing his apparent 'Italian accent'.

It's said that some pets do actually mimic us like parrots do, and Aaron the husky is a perfect example of this.

Aaron lives in Italy with his owner Antonia, and in a video of her chatting to her four-legged friend, the pooch seemingly replies with an Italian twang.

The video was posted in November 2023 and has so far amassed over eight million views on TikTok.

His owner has actually shared a handful of clips of Aaron's impressive talent, proving that his 'accent' wasn't just a one-off thing.

Everyone was quick to point out that the pair sounded alike.

"WHY DOES THE HUSKY SOUND ITALIAN ALSO LMAO," questioned one person, as another echoed: "The husky even sounds Italian as well."

"He's really like 'bo bo bo'," said a third.

Someone else even went as far as saying Aaron could speak better Italian than them.

Aaron has proved a hit on TikTok. (aaronthehusky_/TikTok)
Aaron has proved a hit on TikTok. (aaronthehusky_/TikTok)

"I've never heard Husky whines with an accent. It's so cute!" added another.

As to whether animals can really have accents, some studies have proven that they do.

Canine Behavior Center in Cumbria, England, found that dogs have regional accents like their owners because their owner's speech influences the way a dog vocalizes.

They conducted a study back in 2000 and recorded sounds of dogs barking and growling.

These sound samples were then compared and analyzed to produce the final result and ultimately discovered that pooches mimic the tone and pitch of their owners.

Dogs will sometimes mimic their owner's accent as a way of bonding. (Gary Yeowell/Getty Stock)
Dogs will sometimes mimic their owner's accent as a way of bonding. (Gary Yeowell/Getty Stock)

Tracey Gudgeon, from the Center, previously told The Mirror: "It seems dogs are more able to imitate stronger, more distinctive accents than softer ones. It's one of the ways they bond with their owner."

And dogs aren't alone in having accents - other animals apparently do too.

In Britain, variation in vocalizations between birds have been found in different parts of the UK.

For example, ‘Cockney’ mallard ducks in London are said to have a harsher quack than those in Cornwall.

Elsewhere, farmers have reported that their cows in the West Country have an accent too.

Other animals with accents include sperm whales, orcas and humpbacks, as well as singing gibbons and rock hyraxes.

Cats have also been found to have an accent and, if you haven't heard of the Liverpudlian-sounding cat, I strongly suggest you Google it.

Featured Image Credit: aaronthehusky_/TikTok

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