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Adult star Angela White once nearly died while filming a scene
Featured Image Credit: theangelawhite/Instagram

Adult star Angela White once nearly died while filming a scene

The adult star almost died on the job after suffering a serious medical mishap

Adult star Angela White almost died while filming a scene after suffering a serious medical mishap, but her co-star didn't realise she'd been unwell until days later.

The claim was made by fellow adult star Keiran Lee, real name Adam Diksa, who said the whole thing had happened during the first scene they'd shot together.

Since then they've worked on several other films together, so her almost dying the first time they worked with each other hasn't put either of them off further collaborations.

He also claimed she gave him the 'most painful experience' of his career after she accidentally once bit his testicle as she suffered from lockjaw.

Speaking on the Pillow Talk podcast, Keiran claimed he 'could have killed Angela White on our first scene' after more than an hour's worth of filming put her in fatal danger.

The porn star's co-star said she almost died the first time they worked together.

Don't worry, it's not because he's got a deadly dingle dongle.

He said: "We were shooting content and we were going active, we were going at it for like over an hour.

"After that, I'm like 'see you sweetheart, lovely day', I've gone home then found out two days later she's gone back home to Australia."

"She said her stomachs hurting and had to go see a doctor - apparently her appendix burst in the scene, which could have killed her."

A burst appendix is a potentially fatal condition, though thankfully advancements in medicine mean it's very treatable and your chances of actually dying from it are pretty low provided you seek medical help.

As an Australian adult star and director, White has said she believes the key to having good sex is all about getting the communication right.

Angela's co-star Keiran Lee said her appendix burst while they were filming together.

She said 'too many men focus on the size of their d**k and not actually the person in front of them', and suggested people looking to get it on should communicate, including on how much talk they wanted from their partner.

White has also spoken about the double standards in perceptions of men and women working in porn, saying a man going into the industry was 'considered a champion' while women were 'slut-shamed' for choosing the same career.

She explained on The Hook Up podcast that she'd known she wanted to get into porn for a long time, saying it was 'the first place I saw women celebrated for expressing and exploring their sexuality'.

White recently hit back at calls from Lana Rhoades for adult films to be banned, while Rhoades 'doesn't think that it's good for anyone', White said she found working in porn 'very empowering'.

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