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Angela White hits back at Lana Rhoades calling for porn to be banned

Angela White hits back at Lana Rhoades calling for porn to be banned

The adult film star has argued porn can be empowering

Porn star Angela White has responded after former industry star Lana Rhoades called for adult films to be banned.

Rhoades, who began appearing in porn films from the age of 19, condemned the industry during an appearance on The Skinny Confidential podcast in September.

She said at the time she 'wasn’t mature enough to realise what actually went into it' and quickly realised that starring in adult films wasn't for her.

“I mean, essentially you’re having to have sex with people that you didn’t choose to have sex with, that you might not find attractive, you might actually think that they’re disgusting and you have to have sex with them because it’s your job," she said.

Rhoades left the adult industry in her mid-20s.

"Going back to porn, I just, I don’t think that it’s good for anyone. They should make it illegal," Rhoades added in the interview. After leaving the industry, Rhoades focused on making a clothing and lingerie line.

Her comments form part of an ongoing back-and-forth over the industry, with some arguing porn is empowering to women while others brand it as degrading.

White is among the former group, telling the Sydney Morning Herald: “The victim/agent divide is very tired and doesn’t actually look at the reality of what most people experience. Of course both exist, but it’s a job for most people and it falls somewhere in the middle.”

Claiming that women are paid more than men in the adult film industry, she continued: "It’s an industry where women can be empowered to create their own content, be creative with their sexuality and create a financial future for themselves. Obviously I can only speak from my own experiences, but for me, it’s been something that’s been very empowering.”

White went on to address Rhoades' comments after the pair previously worked together.

White has argued porn can be empowering for women.

She noted the importance of respecting how performers feel about their time in porn, but added: “Obviously I disagree with her statement that we should ban porn.”

White's career began after she sent photos to adult entertainment company The Score Group when she turned 18, after which she flew to Miami to take part in a shoot.

She went on to create her own production company, AGW Entertainment, which allows her to 'control every detail', including the location, wardrobe, on-screen partners, whether or not there is a script and the kind of 'vibe' she wants for the scene.

"I am a feminist, so what I create is feminist, and I produce ethical porn, which is when everything is consensual," White said.

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