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Ex-NBA star is furious over sport registration form that asks if his child is non-binary
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Ex-NBA star is furious over sport registration form that asks if his child is non-binary

Andrew Bogut has lashed out after seeing more than just male or female options on his six-year-old's application form.

Australian sporting star Andrew Bogut is furious with a sport organization asking whether his young child is non-binary.

The ex-NBA basketballer posted his complaint on Twitter after seeing the tiny tidbit on his son's registration form.

Bogut was signing his six-year-old up to play football and, when it came to the section about the player's gender, there were a few options.

Forms like these have had only two options, male and female, for decades.

However, as society has slowly progressed to recognize those who might be gender fluid, gender non-conforming, or non-binary, these options have made their way to official forms.

On the form that the former NBA player was referring to, it had male, female, non-binary/gender fluid and gender identity not sufficiently expressed.

But it seems that Bogut isn't too keen on seeing this reflected in a child's sports registration form.

He wrote on Twitter: “Signing our 6 YEAR OLD! Once again, 6 YEAR OLD! up for soccer. Cmon @FootballAus.”

He added in another tweet: The @ausgov is delivering a masterclass in sports washing."

However, people were quick to criticize the basketballer for being close-minded on the issue.

One commenter said: "That’s a standard form mate. Are you suggesting they adjust it just so the parents of 6yos don’t freak out at having to check a box?"

Another added: "Did the drop down menu trigger you, Andrew? Are you triggered???"

A third wrote: "I’m not following the outrage. Did the extra options make you question your child’s gender, or was there some kind of witch spell preventing you from picking an option and going on with your day?"

Bogut demanded to know how many genders there are when interacting with one of the comments.

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Football Australia was one of more than a dozen national sporting organizations who announced their commitment at 'developing trans and gender diverse inclusion frameworks for their sport', according to the Daily Mail.

CEO James Johnson said he wanted trans and gender non-conforming people to feel included and welcome to play sport.

“We look forward to working with Pride in Sport to formalise frameworks and guidelines that promote inclusion for trans and gender diverse people within our game – be they at the grassroots or professional level, in administrative roles, or any other capacity," he said in a statement.

"Football is the world game and it is our mission to make football inclusive for all."

Football Australia released a statement to UNILAD saying: “Football Australia is proud that our game is the most diverse and inclusive sport in Australia, where our sport and communities offer a safe and welcoming environment for all participants irrespective of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, or ability.

“Football Australia’s registration platform reflects our game’s diversity and inclusiveness, where it asks a series of set questions, with a drop-down feature, where participants can select options that best align with the way in which they identify.”

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