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Amber Heard’s Sister Testifies She Witnessed Physical Abuse In Johnny Depp Trial

Amber Heard’s Sister Testifies She Witnessed Physical Abuse In Johnny Depp Trial

Whitney Heard Henriquez took to the stand in the defamation trial to share her version of events

Amber Heard's sister, Whitney Heard Henriquez, claimed to have witnessed physical abuse between Heard and Depp while giving testimony in the ongoing defamation trial.

Henriquez was called to give evidence in Fairfax, Virginia this week along with a number of other witnesses brought forward in the case, including Heard’s former friend Raquel Pennington, friend Elizabeth Marz, Heard’s acting coach and her makeup artist.

While on the stand, Henriquez recalled her version of events from a fight between Depp and Heard in March 2015, when the couple were living together at a downtown Los Angeles penthouse.

Henriquez testified she was staying in one of the apartments in the same building when she was awoken by Heard, who told her Depp had been cheating on her. Henriquez alleged she went to speak with Depp, who was with his nurse Debbie Lloyd and bodyguard Travis McGivern at the time.

The sister claimed Depp was 'clearly drunk' and told her Heard had found messages between himself and another woman. He is said to have blamed Heard for his alleged infidelity, saying: “Amber made me do it."

Henriquez then described seeing her sister shouting at Depp from a mezzanine over the kitchen, and how Depp threw a can which hit Lloyd before he ran 'up the stairs'.

According to Henriquez, who was trying to calm Heard down at the time, Depp came up behind her and 'strikes [her] in the back'.

"I heard Amber say 'don't hit my f***ing sister'. She smacks him, lands one," she continued. "Johnny had grabbed Amber by the hair with one hand and was whacking her repeatedly in the face with the other."

Henriquez claimed Depp hit Heard repeatedly.

Another friend is said to have pulled Depp and Heard apart before taking Depp to another room. Henriquez claimed she also took Heard into another room, and that she could hear Depp 'screaming like an animal'.

The two sisters are said to have stayed in the room all night, and when they left the next day they found Heard's closet 'completely destroyed'.

Henriquez alleged that following the incident, she discovered a non-disclosure agreement left on her counter for her to sign. She told the court she did not sign the document.

Earlier in the trial, Depp's bodyguard McGivern told the court Depp began throwing clothes around Heard's closet after she and Henriquez left the room on the night of the fight. He alleged the sisters later returned, at which point Heard allegedly punched Depp with the closed fist in the side of his face.

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