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'America's first female serial killer' says she 'did the right thing' in killing her victims
Featured Image Credit: World History Archive / Alamy

'America's first female serial killer' says she 'did the right thing' in killing her victims

Aileen Wuornos, described as 'America's first female serial killer', claims killing her victims meant she 'did the right thing'.

A woman who was dubbed 'America's first female serial killer' said she 'did the right thing' the day before being executed for murdering seven people.

Aileen Wuornos shot dead and robbed seven men between 1989 and 1990 while working as a prostitute in Florida, earning her notoriety as a serial killer.

Convicted on six counts of first degree murder, she spent 12 years on death row before her eventual execution.

Her story even ended up being told in the 2003 movie Monster, which earned Charlize Theron an Academy Award.

However, when interviewed the day before she was executed by lethal injection in 2002, she claimed that she'd done nothing wrong and thought she was going on to a better place.

The day before her execution for multiple murders, Aileen Wuornos claimed she 'did the right thing'.

The convicted serial killer also claimed the police knew about her months before they arrested her and insisted she 'couldn't even get a fair trial'.

She said: "I'm okay, God is gonna be there, Jesus Christ is gonna be there, all the angels and everything.

"Whatever's on the beyond I think is gonna be more like Star Trek, beaming me up onto a space vehicle man, then I move on and recolonise onto another planet or whatever."

"Whatever's beyond, I know it's gonna be good because I didn't do anything as wrong as they said, I did the right thing."

She then went on to claim that she 'saved a lot of people's butts' from being assaulted by her victims, part of her repeated insistence being that all of her murders were done in self-defence.

By the end, she slammed society as an 'inhumane bunch of f*****g living b******s and b*****s', claiming the world would be wiped out by nuclear weapons in 2019.

Serial killer Aileen Wuornos claimed she did nothing wrong.
World History Archive / Alamy

While she might have been dubbed 'America's first female serial killer', that dubious honour likely actually goes to a woman called Lavinia Fisher.

As legend tells it, she used to poison men she believed to be wealthy with tea and sent them to bed in a room at an inn she owned, later pulling a lever which would drop them down a pit.

She was executed in 1820 after being caught by a suspicious traveller who hated tea and decided to sleep in a chair rather than the bed and was then woken up by the sound of his bed crashing into the pit.

Fisher supposedly had her own famous set of last words, telling the crowd which had come to see her hang: "If any of you have a message for the devil tell me now, for I shall be seeing him shortly."

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