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9/11 Tribute Museum in New York City closing its doors for good

9/11 Tribute Museum in New York City closing its doors for good

The 9/11 Tribute Museum is shutting its doors in New York after it failed to recover from the hardship brought on by the pandemic

The 9/11 Tribute Museum in Lower Manhattan, New York, is closing its doors for good today after being unable to recover from financial losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite its closure, the museum will continue to have an online presence that will provide educational resources and support.

Jennifer Adams, co-founder and CEO, said: "Financial hardship including lost revenue caused by the pandemic prevents us from generating sufficient funding to continue to operate the physical museum."

The museum, situated on Greenwich Street, was founded by not-for-profit organisation September 11th Families' Association. The organisation was founded in November 2001 to provide a voice and support for the 9/11 community, while also supporting families who have lost loved ones because of other acts of terrorism.

"Our mission is to unite the September 11th community, present evolving issues, and share resources for long-term recovery," reads the official website.

The aim of the museum was also to allow the 9/11 community to join together and share experiences.

"Active recording, preserving and sharing of these experiences are central to the mission of the 9/11 Tribute Museum," September 11th Families' Association's website states.

"Participation in the Tribute volunteer program has had a documented impact on members of the 9/11 community; promoting an enhanced sense of healing, enhanced compassion and appreciation for their place as history keepers."

The Tribute Guided Walking Tour program, a community-run programme involved with the museum, will also shut.

However, the physical collection present in the museum will be moved to New York State Museum in Albany.

The September 11th Families' Association will help facilitate the move and ensure all physical items are handled with care in respect to the families.

Alina Oswald/Alamy Stock Photo

The Tribute Museum opened its doors to the public in 2006 and welcomed over five million visitors during its 16 years in operation.

Bosses had hinted the museum could soon be closing its doors for good back in March.

Joan Mastropaolo, a 9/11 Tribute Museum board member, said he feared 'history would be lost' and 'the next generation is not going to know what people saw'.

The fatal 9/11 attacks across the United States - which left 2,996 dead and around 25,000 injured - left the world shocked and saddened. The terrorist act was carried out by the Islamic extremist network known as al-Qaeda.

If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677 

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