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14-year-old boy who is 6ft 10 needs specially designed shoes after feet grew to size 23

14-year-old boy who is 6ft 10 needs specially designed shoes after feet grew to size 23

The teen can't find shoes made in his size and has been suffering from blisters, pain, and ingrown toenails as a result.

An American teenager who has size 23 feet has been suffering with pain, blisters, and ingrown toenails as he can't find any shoes in his massive size... until now.

Eric Kilburn Jr is only 14 years old and he already stands at a whopping 6 foot 10 inches.

With the average US shoe size coming in at 10.5, the Michigan teen was stuck wearing the largest shoes he could find.

That was, until his mother Rebecca, 36, issued a plea online to help get her son some shoes that actually fit, the Daily Mail reports.

The teen soon copped a massive offer from sports brand Under Armour, who told the Kilburn family they would help them out with some custom-made kicks.

The 14-year-old told MLive that Under Armour's offer 'means everything' to him.

"Just having shoes that don't cause blisters or pain on my feet would mean the world," he said.

"I just feel like a huge weight has been dropped off of my shoulders.

"It felt great just knowing that this is the first step in the line of getting new shoes."

The teen will now have to wait six to eight weeks for his new pair of sneakers, in what will soon be Under Armour's biggest ever shoe creation.

Under Armour also offered to make the humongous teen a new pair of football cleats right on time for the upcoming school sports season.

Kilburn having his feet measured.

His mom revealed just how hard it was to find the still-growing teen shoes that fit.

"I hit so many dead ends with people laughing when I called to ask about shoes. It was a very lonely feeling. And now we're overflowing with support, generosity and kindness," she said.

She told USA Today: "It's been overwhelming. I have been this puddle of emotions, all of them good… It's the coolest thing to be able to say we did it!

"At 14, he's still growing. Most kids this big and tall at this age have an endocrine disorder and he does not.

She added to HometownLife: "He has no health issues with exponential growth."

In a statement to the Daily Mail, an Under Armour representative said: "After seeing Eric's extraordinary story, we knew that we had to help.

Eric Kilburn Jr, 14.

"At Under Armour, innovation has been in our DNA since day one and we are excited to use our innovative capabilities to support Eric Jr. on his athletic journey and help him perform his best both on and off the field."

The tall teen's mother praised the company for being so willing to help her son and claimed that their offer has changed his life.

Featured Image Credit: Local 4/WDIV

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