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Woman horrified after listening to her new Taylor Swift vinyl only for 'demonic' music to start playing

Woman horrified after listening to her new Taylor Swift vinyl only for 'demonic' music to start playing

The Swiftie got quite the surprise when she played 'Taylor's Version' for the first time

Getting Taylor Swift tickets might have been causing an absolute nightmare for fans but listening to her music probably shouldn’t be one.

But one UK woman had ‘demonic’ sounds blasting from her speakers when she tried to listen to the new ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ vinyl.

Rachel, 30, had purchased the $39 special edition of Taylor’s album from the official website.

However, despite being so excited to receive it, she shared a TikTok revealing her copy had been incorrectly pressed.

Showing off her newly delivered prized possession, she wrote in the caption: “Send help I got speak now (not Taylor's version) this is so funny.”

Rachel started off by saying: “Does anyone else’s ‘Speak Now’ vinyl not have Taylor Swift on it? Because I just played mine for the first time.”

The Swiftie pulled out the selected orchid disc which she said looks ‘majestic’ but then shared its surprising contents.

Playing on the turntable, the sound comes out as a rather spooky voice, saying: “I quit seeing people, I quit looking at the flakes of flesh and dancing organisms.”

Flipping it over to try the B-side, the nightmare continues as Rachel asks: “Who is this speak now not Taylor’s version?”

Instead a man’s voice repeats: “There are 70 billion people of earth. Where are they hiding?”

Thankfully she sees the funny side though, as she says: “Please help me.”

Rachel laughs as the voice becomes ‘creepy’ electronic music.

The woman told Insider: “At first I thought that maybe she'd put a secret message in the vinyl because it started talking and I was like, 'OK, this is weird, but it's not unlike Taylor.’”

This Swiftie wants to keep her 'creepy' record.

She said she remembers becoming frightened and thinking: “Oh my god, this is demonic. What is happening?”

Eventually, Rachel learned the three tracks on her Taylor Swift vinyl are from an album called Happy Land - a load of electronic music from the British Isles in the 90’s.

The woman learned from helpful users that misprints can sometimes happen as record companies rent out presses for albums, but she said: “I haven’t seen a single other person who this has happened to, which is really strange.”

Rachel also revealed that while she had initially contacted customer services for an exchange, she’s changed her mind.

A rep for Universal Music said they’d need her ‘rare’ record back to investigate and she decided she’d rather keep her ‘creepy vinyl’.

She added: “Apparently, it’s like a big, a big thing. They’ll pay a lot for it because it’s rare.”

TikTok users joked Taylor had got ‘real creative’ with her easter eggs as another called it the ‘slam poetry version’.

Another fan said: “This would give me nightmares hearing this play at night.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mischief_marauder

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