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Taylor Swift is being called this generation’s version of The Beatles or Michael Jackson

Taylor Swift is being called this generation’s version of The Beatles or Michael Jackson

As she continues her epic The Eras Tour, people are starting to make some big comparisons.

As Taylor Swift continues her with her The Eras Tour, the singer is being referred to as this generation’s ‘Michael Jackson’ and 'The Beatles'.

Over the weekend, thousands of Swifties who couldn’t snag a ticket to her show were captured outside Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field.

While fans couldn’t get inside the venue, that didn’t stop them from singing the musician’s 2012 hit ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’, a sight that was truly reminiscent of Beatlemania.

One user wrote: “This is Michael Jackson level of famous. Let’s not even lie.”

Another said: “Taylor Swift is more talented than every member of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones combined. She’s Jimmy Hendrix on steroids. She’s Eddie Vedder, she’s Van Halen, she’s Kurt Cobain, she’s Stevie Wonder, she’s Elton John, she’s Trent Reznor, she’s Miles Davis, she’s Coltrane.”

A third marveled: “The Beatles are NOTHING compared to Taylor Swift.”

While another commented: “She's on Michael Jackson's level atp. I think we all agree that Taylor Swift is the new Michael Jackson.”

It's hard to really compare artists like Swift, Jackson and The Beatles.

They all have diehard fans but were producing hits at vastly different points in music history.

You can't really even compare the number of records sold or tours that sell out because the world is very different now than it was at Jackson's or The Beatles' peak.

Swift made headlines recently during one of her shows after seemingly giving a security guard a grilling over their treatment of a fan at the iconic Philadelphia venue.

In the now-viral video, Swift is seen performing her hit track 'Bad Blood' when she became aware of an interaction unfolding in the crowd.

The singer then tells off a member of the security team for how they were acting towards a female fan.

In the clip, Swift, while donning a two-piece outfit, began yelling, ‘Hey, stop!' before adding: 'She wasn't doing anything!' while gesturing to go away with her hand.

And, of course, fans were elated to see how the singer defended one of their own.

One user wrote: “Love to see she cares ab[out] her fans.”

Another said: “Security was really strict about keeping aisles clear during the show yesterday so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was yelling at security."

While a third remarked: “Imagine being screamed by Taylor... I would quit my job and move to a different country and start my life somewhere idk.”

The US leg of the Eras tour officially kicked off on March 17 in Glendale, Arizona, and wraps up on August 9 in Inglewood, California.

The concert is around three hours and 15 minutes long, which is the longest Swift concert on record.

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